Gasket Technology – World Exclusive

Gasket Technology – World Exclusive
OEM or Better
Exploring the manufacturing processes and the quality assurance of the finest gaskets that are proudly made in the USA.

Words:Vasilis Moraitis

One of  the most crucial component that is needed when you open an engine in order to inspect it or do the periodic maintenance service is the gasket or actually the set of gaskets in order to assemble it back in one piece. Having the chance to visit Lake Havasu City, the capital of watercraft racing, Jetskiworld.gr visited one of the most famous companies in the gasket business, Gasket Technology. A company well known for its high quality products that are made not only for almost every single personal watercraft but also for various marine, outboard, atv applications. The  company also produces custom made gaskets for automobiles and MX bikes. They make any custom thickness even on a carburetor gasket. 

Gasket Technology has been in business for over 25 years and through all those years the crew knows exactly what is needed  to make a high quality product. Most of the materials are made in the USA however the company imports some materials from a German company Victor Reinz specifically for the head gaskets and as well as for some base gaskets applications.

Making a base gasket is a one step process and is quite simple since it involves only stamping the gasket to the required shape. A steel die is needed for this process which is made prior to achieve this process. Steel dies are usually designed and fabricated within two weeks depending on how complicated the design is.


Head gaskets processes:

1.Stamp it to format the initial shape of the gasket.

2.Install the fire rings which is a 2 step process.

3.Crimp the rings to get the final shape however it still has some room left in order to get the final shape when it will be installed in to an engine.

4.Finally, to check the final dimensions to oem spec.


Some oem gaskets require more work since they have to go through the print process. Through this process they get synthetic print (RTV) in order to look exactly as the oem spec. Finally they are sprayed with a clear coat which enhances the aesthetics and final appearance of the products.

Fire rings are made in a separate process. They are made from rolls of stainless steel. They are cut and stamped on a punch press in order to make the first process. It is a very delicate process since it requires great attention to the design of the dies in order to achieve the required dimensions which are very crucial to final spec of the product. Every single product goes through a final inspection to assure its accurate dimensions according to oem or custom made specifications.

Gaskets are sold as oem spec and they are also available in different thicknesses in order to be applied in several applications. Additionally they are sold as a complete engine kit for several pwc models.

Typical examples for two popular applications:

Twin Yamaha
Oem base gasket: 0.020, they stock anywhere from 0.002, in copper – 0.068 that is made with a metal fiber core.  They offer up to 15 different material thicknesses

Twin Kawasaki
Oem base gasket: 0.020, -0.068, 0.002 in copper – 0.068 same as the Yamaha.

Gasket Technology sells ONLY to dealers and distributors however during the World Finals they open the shop up to the public and sell everything at distributor pricing as a “Big Thank you” for coming to support the sport and the World Finals event in Lake Havasu City. You can also find Gasket Technology on vendor row at the World Finals so please be sure to stop by and take advantage of  high quality made gaskets at distributor pricing.  If you happen to miss out on this once a year opportunity you can purchase their gaskets at companies such as Hot Products USA, WPS or Pro Marine USA.  

Gasket Technology products are keeping many pwc and marine enthusiasts from all around the world very happy. Susan Koland is the Plant/General Manager of the company who is staffed with a great team. If you have any questions please feel free to email Susan. The company’s moto is “OEM or Better” and this is why its products are of such high quality with superior finish and exceptional tolerances.

Gasket Technology

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