Dustin Motzouris's #1ZA: Kawasaki SX-R 800 07 - World Exclusive

Dustin Motzouris #1ZA: Kawasaki Jet Ski 800 SX-R


The runner up

Dustin Motzouris riding in a class of his own was by far the best rider on a two stroke Ski in the Pro Ski class. His SX-R was fast, with precise handling and fast cornering characteristics. Do you want one?


Words: Vasilis Moraitis

Photos: www.jetskiworld.gr


The rules had changed this year to the pro ski class therefore top tuners had the opportunity to explore new approaches in order to extract more power and torque out of the Kawasaki, mainly, plants and get competitive to the four strokes. The fact that the engine displacement was increased was good too. The most noticeable alternation on Dustin Motzouris SX-R is no other than the heart of the engine, the crankshaft itself. The year Steve Webster had used a billet stroker crank that was designed by him and manufactured by a certain company. It is equipped with special bearings that can withstand the extra load that is being produced by the motor. Also it featured heavy duty conrods and it was topped by special Wiseco pistons and rings. Actually, Webster had prepared four engines with two different set ups. The crankcases and the cylinder was ported specifically to meet the new parameters of the crankshaft. The cylinder was topped with a JSU billet aluminum cylinder head with 27cc domes a set up that along with the thick base gasket raised the cranking compression to 200psi.


Webster used a similar, to last years, set up on the fuel intake side. The major change was focused to the reed cages and the air filters. The first ones were set of Moto Tassinari V-Force 2 (compared to the V-Force 3 Polaris 800) and the later was a pair of K&N long filters (last year he used a set of short Tau Ceti). The Novi carbs belonged to the new generation ones. On the exhaust side there was a new Factory pipe dry chamber with a bigger volume and different angles which was exhaling through the modified OEM waterbox.


Last year (and the year before) Webster had mentioned that he wanted to built a world title race craft out of parts that he will be able to sell to any customer. Though, this year he did not actually share the same philosophy since he was using a custom made total loss programmable Mitsubishi ignition that was specially made in Japan through his perfect cooperation with Factory Kawasaki Team. This ignition system was an actual prototype, an Ultra unit programmed to operate for a twin cylinder engine, in other words a second generation ignition system of what the Factory Team used to have. A special lightweight flywheel was supplied along with this ignition system.


Webster had to alter the pump and drive line system in order to compensate with the new engine needs. Therefore, a new 14 vain Skat-Trak Magnum pump was fitted and it accommodated a 16/22-16/23 stainless steal Skat-Trak Swirl impeller. Though he retained the same diameter to the reduction and steering nozzle from last years spec. Due to the stronger engine Dustin altered a lot the handling set up of his race craft in order to increase the hook up and the stability. After a lot of talking and fighting with Webster he installed a set of front sponsons to the hull and got rid of the rear sponsons. Also, had modified the ride plate in a similar pattern to the one that Janelle Lund had had in her Limited SX-R last year. As for a scoop he used a new JSU intake grate that was designed by Webster and manufactured by Skat-Trak. The steering assembly as well as the modified tray was kept the same as to last years spec. The only noticeable difference was that this year Webster retained the stock handlepole bracket instead of using the twin hole RRP that he had fit the year last year.


When I ignited the Dustins stroker engine I noticed that even the sound of it was different from his last years package. The engine revved much easier and was crispier at low and mid rpm. The motor was pulling hard from idle and at mid range I could feel it getting stronger and then the power was going through the red line linearly. Dustin likes to accelerate hard on exiting the buoy there fore Webster made sure that there was lots of torque out of this engine. Certainly, the craft was fast but there is no way it could reach the top speed of Klippers four stroke. The steering system was stiff, the pole, the bars, everything though this is the way Dustin prefers to set it up in order to minimize shaking all over the tray during the race. The new hull set up had improved straight line stability a lot at high speeds as well as the entry lean angle of the craft during cornering. Dustins SX-R was turning aggressively and sharply in a style that only a top rider would prefer it. An expert might get highsided when he would get tired or due to luck of concentration. I was able to flick it form one side to the other before I even thought about it. I was leaning the SX-R accurately with pure confidence with no fear to sub it. I believe that Dustin had carried away a lot of testing before finalizing the hole pattern on his plate. Though, since I have tested other SX-Rs in the past I believe that a different pattern or plate would have enhanced a lot more the rear end grip.


This year Webster had done a substantial improvement to the tuning of the SX-R engine and he Motz would have got the title if he had had a little more top speed. He needed it to get the holeshot and then to be able to built a safety margin from the competition. The particular SX-R proved to be the best among the rest Kawasakis but it was not fast enough to beat the four strokes. Definitely the two stroke luck of top speed and this is the area that the tuners have to focus on in the future. 


Dustin Motzouris #1 ZA: Kawasaki Jet Ski 800 SX-R  2007


Stroker (2mm) billet crankshaft, trued & welded with JSU heavy duty Rods 

Bore x stroke: 84 x 76mm

Kawasaki OE crankcases

JSU, Steve Webster crankcase porting

JSU, Steve Webster cylinder porting

Wiseco  84mm pistons & rings

JSU cylinder head with 27cc domes

Cranking compression: 200psi

Factory Pipe Dry Pipe Exhaust System (special chamber and modified stinger)

JSU Racing thick base gasket

R&D intake manifold

V-Force 2 reeds

JSU Racing aluminum, angled reed spacers

Novi 48mm  carburators

SXi 750 Pro throttle cable

Blowsion billet dual fuel pick up

K&N flame arrestors

Fuel: VP Racing MS109

Lubricant: Maxima Formula K2


New Generation Mitsubishi prototype total loss ignition

Team Kawasaki total loss flywheel

NGK BR9ES Spark Plugs

Pump and driveline

Skat-Trak 142mm, 14 vain Magnum Pumpw/30mm Setback

Skat-Trak originally (16/22-16/23) three blade, stainless-steel Swirl Impeller 

Skat-Trak cast aluminium pump shoe

Skat-Trak extended drive shaft

Skat-Trak drop nozzle system with welded extension on the steering nozzle ring

JSU billet aluminium couplers 

Reduction nozzle: 83mm

Steering nozzle: 86mm

JSU carbon ride plate with new designed wholes

JSU stainless steel intake grate made by Skat-Trak

Blowsion prototype front sponsons

Hull and Handling components

3DR carbon hood 

Blowsion billet aluminium hood latch

3DR carbon fiber rail caps

OEM nosepiece

3DR carbon dash

Jettrim mat covers with lifters

Hydro Turf Diamond Cut Rail mat kit

UMI Racing billet aluminium by-pass fittings

JSU SX-R side rail bumpers

Electric bilge with JSU bilge switch

Blowsion duck bills

Steering assembly

RickRoyProducts handlepole with OEM bracket

Blowsion carbon fiber chin pad

Blowsion handlebar 4 degree

JSU short turn plate

ODI grips Ruffian style with Flange

UMI Racing Steering system

Skat-Trak heavy duty steering cable

UMI Racing trigger throttle lever

UMI Racing trim lever

Skat Trak trim cable

Engine output

Horse power: N.A.

Torque: N.A.

Top speed: 63mph


Team Sponsors

JetSkiUnlimited Racing, KAWASAKI,  LG1 Graphics, Oakley, Factory Pipe, Quackysence, RRP, Blowsion, 3DR, Novi, Fast, Skat-Trak


Stroker power plant.

Tricky programmable total loss ignition.

MSD water injection module.

The water injection solenoid.

Prototype sponsons.

New JSU intake grate.

Modified tray with Jettrim mats.

New hole pattern to the ride plate.

Short turn plate and 4 degree bars.

OEM pole bracket.

Dustin Motzouris with Vasilis.