R&D T1 Turbo kit for Yamaha FX SVHO World Exclusive

R&D T1 Turbo kit for Yamaha FX SVHO World Exclusive

Klippers Triple Crown winner

R&D Performance offers up an all new Turbo Charger Kit that is a proven class winner in Offshore competition. We test Mike Klippensteins FX SVHO T1 Turbo charged Yamaha after he had won the Triple Crown series and the IJSBA World Finals Endurance race.

Words:Vasilis Moraitis

Test rider:Vasilis Moraitis

Photos:www.jetskiworld.gr, R&D (action)


It was nearly 10 years ago when R&D had first introduced its turbo charger kit for the Kawasaki Ultra 250X at the World Finals in 2007 and attracted peoples attention. Now the American company decided to introduce another kit specifically designed for the Yamaha 1.8 SHO and SVHO engine. This is the ultimate Turbo Charger Kit geared to do away with clutch and supercharger issues in endurance/offshore racing. In fact, Mike Klippenstein dominated in all the Offshore events he entered in 2016 by running up front consistently at Mark Hahn 300 2016, he won all three events for the Hot Products Triple Crown 2016 series and on top of that he also won the Endurance race at the IJSBA World Finals 2016.


Main features

This particular offshore T1 turbo kit operates with SVHO injectors, stock svho fuel system, R&D/Carrillo conrods, R&D pro tune cam gears, stock compression (O.E.M.) pistons, and an O.E.M. R&D reprogrammed ECU! The latter will save you a lot of money compared to a sophisticated (and complicated) high tech ECU. No need for that! R&D has been reprogramming ECUs for many years for 100+mph turbo applications for individuals that compete in to I.J.S.B.A. Hydro drag racing, with great success. The kit tested here in Mikes boat had the R&D Super Single valve spring kit and R&D titanium retainers to keep the valve train perfectly stable in offshore ocean type racing!


The particular kit for the 2014 FX SVHO works also well with the OEM pump and reduction nozzle assembly with addition an R&D Pro Pitch 14/20 Impeller, and R&D Adjustable Pump Cone Kit.


The Turbo System R&D decided to use for this particular kit started life as a Borg Warner EFR Turbo Charger being disassembled, modified, turbine housing ceramic coated, and precision calibrated waste gate actuator. Bill Chapin tested extensively many turbine charger housings on the Super Flow bench, before arriving with a turbine core for a starting point, then the modifications begin. Bill uses his Super Flow testing bench to monitor, evaluate and document modifications using a Garret Speed counter to evaluate the response time and speed of the turbo on a flow bench test. This testing procedure displays exactly what is happening to the turbins shaft speed at given test pressures. Bill logs the exhaust pressure curve at idle through wide open throttle, and uses this data to test on the flow bench to perfectly match the combination of turbin wheel size, and turbin housing A/R.  Its a balance of shaft speed and back pressure ratio


R&D also utilizes a Turbo Smart Boost Controller that enables the rider to switch (on the fly) between two predetermined (user defined) boost settings. The T1 kit boost actuator is adjustable between 10-16 pounds. For this test it was set at 10 pounds (low boost) and 16 pounds (high boost) of boost and it could be changed via a switch. There is also a manual boost control option that is available.


Another important aspect is the location of the Intercooler. Taking a closer look at the pictures you will notice that the intercooler is mounted as close to the turbo charger as possible. This maximizes the efficiency of the charged air. The Intercooler is strategically modified with an internal vein in order to promote laminar air flow across the intercooler core to maximize intercooler efficiency by 25%. Close attention to detail has been taken with every aspect.


This turbo kit has been designed to work along with the R&D reprogrammed ECU. The T1 Turbo Tune is rpm/boost referenced and perfectly calibrated to provide an ideal 12-12.5 AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) at any throttle position or boost level. The process of manipulating the algorisms in the oem ECU is a difficult process. But the mad scientist Mr. Bill Chapin has mastered the process to a level of perfection you must ride and experience for sure. This ECU is amazing. This ECU tune works as good as any aftermarket high end ECU that we have tested.


This kit is designed to be reliable with the stock engine internals up to 8600 rpm. For increased reliability, R&D recommends upgrading to the R&D Super Single Valve Spring kit, Carrillo Rods, and CP forged pistons. 


The actual test

Testing the Klipper T1 Turbo kit was really something to appreciate! The first thing I noticed was the awesome acceleration from low rpm. It was a turbo, however, with lag free acceleration that I have never felt before on any other turbo kit I have tested in the past. As soon as I was on the gas the R&D turbo kitted FX SVHO was accelerating superbly with no hesitation, no hiccups, and with zero cavitation. And if you think that I was just doing all these in drag style format that is not the case. It was pulling hard round the closed course buoy or even a hairpin turn without dropping its pace. Seriously this turbo kit put a smile on my face as if I was testing a very good race prepared offshore race boat. I had initially tested the recreational version of this turbo kit which operated on 10 pounds of boost.


Then by clicking a hidden switch the boost pressure was set at 16 pounds. I hit the water again and this time I admit that I reconsider taking those gym classes back home. The arm stretching top end acceleration was phenomenal and the stock Yamaha FX hull was ready to fly. I could barely feel the hull touching the water surface. The boat was going ballistic and I needed more effort to keep myself on board. It is really amazing what this turbo kit can do on pump gas. It out performs the previous a state-of-the-art light weight turbo Open Race boats I have tested in past years. The top speed of this version with the 18 pounds of boost can be very easily up to 85 mph depending on the set up of the ride plate and the steering nozzle! 85 MPH on pump gas at 8400-8500 RPMs. Seriously? YES, easily all day long for 300 miles.  (Mark Hahn 300)


Test data of FX SVHO T1 Turbo Kit


10 lbs of boost, 6600 rpm, AFR:12.2-12.9, Top speed=77-78mph with ¾ of fuel on tank

16 lbs of boost, 8150 rpm, AFR:11.8-12.2, Top speed=82mph with ¾ of fuel on tank

18 lbs of boost, 8450 rpm, AFR:11.8-11.9, Top speed=85mph with ¾ of fuel on tank




This turbo kit is capable of up to 20-22 pounds of boost by changing the actuator to the optional T2 actuator. The 20-22 pound actuator requires larger injectors, bigger fuel pump, different ECU mapping, recommended internal engine components, bigger impeller, R&D cams and high octane race gas. Imagine how all this would perform in a light weight racing hull.

Handling wise the FX hull became far more stable in the straight-aways due to the new R&D sponsons. The boat does not hope at all and feels steady solid as a rock even at top speed. There is no doubt about it that those new R&D sponsons is must have tool for those who plan to go Offshore racing, since the rider will feel far more safe and he will be able to ride at a full throttle mode most of the time.

Periodic maintenance in 2016 race season
1.The boat got a drive line dampener changed after the Mark Hahn 300 since the engine was revving at high rpm for long time putting so much stress to the dampener. During the whole race season three dampeners were used.  The dampener was changed out periodically.

2.Timing cam chain (after the Mark Hahn it was changed and then it did 3 races in the row), oil filter and oil on every race. The timing chain it was inspected every 100mph or so, depending on the race event.

3. The same head gasket was used during all the 2016 season (Mark Hahn 300, 3 races of the Triple Crown and Endurance race at the World Finals). The engine was never taken apart for any reason other than timing chain inspection

The kit is ready available for sale therefore, for price and availability contact R&D. Klippensteins 212 Race boat as featured is also FOR SALE.  Also, R&D offers for sale, Mikes boats directly after any event, so, If you want a proven race winner with zero games, you can buy any R&D boat directly after any event!

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