Jettrim: The naugahyde founders

Jettrim: The naugahyde founders

In a class of their own Jettrim has been producing mats, seat covers and accessories for personal water crafts and are world wide known for their supreme quality, outstanding durability and unique aesthetics.


Words: Vasilis Moraitis



There is no doubt about the fact that Jettrim is one of the original and possibly the oldest company in the sport of personal water craft. They have been in the water craft scene since the early years. While seeing the old logos my mind goes directly to the pioneers of the sport like Christy Carlson, Chris Fischetti, Victor Sheldon and later Minoru Kanamori, Nicolas Rius, Mike Klippenstein, etc. The list is quite long since founder and president of Jettrim Gary Hart has stitch them all.


Back in 1983 Hart started his business with one vision in mind, to alter the aesthetics of the Jet Skis and provide the enthusiasts with custom or tailor made pads. Additionally, he wanted to increase the grip of the riders foot on the tray therefore, developing the original, authentic naugahide non slip mat. These mats made their own page at the history of personal water craft since they provided very good grip and could withstand the harshest conditions and satisfy the most demanding rider. Hart following the trial and error method came up with the first Nada-Hyde mat. Since then, Jettrim has been producing custom one of products that, have withstood the test of time and are well known for their endurance and durability. Though, apart from mats the company had produced inox braces for the 440-550 Kawasakis that proved to be life savers for the nose piece and the handle pole.


Now over 25 years later the company has expanded into pwc covers, ATV seat covers, off road suspension seats, off road office chairs and lots of other unique products. The major issue to all Jettrim seat covers and non slip mats is that they are designed and handcrafted in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, capital of the World Jet Ski Finals. The unique detail, high quality materials, innovative design and workmanship speaks for themselves. Undoubtedly, Jettrim remains one of the most reputable companies in the pwc scene worldwide. Hart assured me that quite often they search around the world to source the highest grade and quality of material just because they want always to be one step beyond the competition or imitators. I had the opportunity to visit the premises of Jettrim right after the World Finals where I met Hart himself and saw him (and his employees) making handcraft products, hand cut, glued and stitched inside the house.


Around the premises walls there are posters, usually offered by the riders or even old advertisements. Some of the products of the previous decades are lying on the walls too, bringing back memories of how everything started. Hart informed me that he uses all shorts of materials depending on what he plans on making. He uses different types of material on the top of a seat covers depending on the application. For instance a close course competitor will need a non slip material in order to have very good grip on the saddle while a recreational rider will need something more user friendly otherwise they will burn their leg if not using a wetsuit. Also, some clients want to personalize their craft by giving it a custom look. In this case Hart can offer a variety of 200 colors and God knows how many combinations of other tricky materials in order to meet the customers expectations and requirements.


Custom made

While talking to Hart, I realized that every single cover or mat is hand made according to the clients needs. You are free to choose any color or material (slip, non-slip or medium slip) and Hart or any of his employees will prepare it by following the companys standards of manufacturing. The new materials provide you the opportunity to customize your craft or even give it a very personal touch. Special foamy materials of various densities are used in order to alter the seat height or create a built in bolster (according to the update needs). The same principal applies to the side mats of the Skis. The lifters are originally made to certain dimensions; on the other hand you may order exactly what you need. Particular foam is used for the tray mats to provide specially designed grooves that enhance traction and grip.


While walking around the shop Hart mentioned Our products are truly original and innovative. We set the highest performance standards and design trends, while the others merely follow! Our never-ending quests for the finest, most durable materials are what make our products the best in the industry. For example, High-Tech Kevlar, Ballistic Nylons, Ultra-Grade Marine Vinyl, plus our exclusive Nada-Hyde , Non-Slip Traction Material which in fact, originated almost twenty years ago! We have also designed Medium-Slip Materials which are designed for the aggressive yet all around recreational rider.

Each and every seat cover is hand cut, hand sewn and specifically fitted to each individual year model. Hart while pointing to the new materials added Whether you're a recreational or pro-level rider, we can custom tailor each seat cover to your requirements by choosing the colors and material you want from our swatches page. No off-the shelf product are ever sold by us! In addition to all this, Jettrim offers fully modified seat options on specific seats; these are designed for the individual who demands nothing but the finest custom-built seat options.


Spray deflectors

Another Jettrim product that has made its own mark in the pwc scene is the Spray Deflector. The later is the result of years of testing, fitting, re-adjusting and searching for the perfect material and manufacturing techniques. According to Hart Our design is molded with high density rubber. No more laminated materials, no stitching, just solid rubber. With proper installation you will enjoy years of riding without annoying bow spray in your face. It is available in two sizes to fit most Runabouts (black color only).


SX-R rail caps

Jettrim had designed their own rail caps for the Kawasaki SX-R though soon enough the so called imitators released their version. Hart always wants to differ from the opposition therefore soon after releasing a new model it is available painted in different colors. This particular version is accompanied by a specially designed side mat that covers partly the rail cap.


As it already mention above Jettrim has started its business based on pwc products. Though, lately due to the market demands has expanded to off road suspension seats, ATV, and UTV seat covers as well as office chairs. Every single product is well distinguished for its pure design, style and craftsmanship. Jettrims off road office chairs are like no other office chair you have ever sat on. Hart spent years of development perfecting the contour of the seat to fit the body perfectly, providing superb ergonomics and comfort. The client can choose from hundreds of materials such as leather, suede, cloth and vinyl to design a chair that will not only match their personality but will also compliment their office sitting.

Hart is committed to what he does everyday in his shop and no matter what delivers the same high quality product to every one of his customers. While I was there Klippenstein passed by to get some parts for his ATV. The Canadian always trusts Harts work in order to give a custom look to his Skis. Although, the World Finals were over Harts shop was busy. According to his facts 80% of the markets needs refer to Runabouts and the rest are for Skis. The newly designed kit for the Sea Doo X series is the heat of the season. Also, Jettrim offer private label for people that have shop companies like, Rius Racing, etc. Jettrim products are exported abroad and Japan is one of their markets. The list of competitors that trust Harts work is long especially after three decades and this is the basic fact or even a unique warranty that his work is the best in its class for over 25 years.


Jettrim, Inc.

1600 W Acoma #12

Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403


Tel: (928) 855-1919

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The finished product (mat).

The raw materials.

Custom made Wave Blaster seat cover.

Tricky materials for the chin pads.

Second generation SX-R rail caps.

Known for their goof fit.

New chin pad materials for S4 and SX-R.

Padding materials of different density.

Vinyl chin pad cover.

Name a color and Jettrim has it.

Blast from the past.

A simple way to say thank you.

Innovative designs are always on the menu.

Custom made seat cover for the "X" Sea Doo's.