R&Ds FZR Pro Stock vs FZR Limited - World exclusive

R&Ds FZR Pro Stock vs FZR Limited

We test two of the most wanted Yamaha race crafts that played a key role to the National (US) Championship as well as the World Finals.


Words:Vasilis Moraitis



There are many steps you have to go through in order to get from mild to wild when tuning up an engine. R&Ds guru Bill Chapin is certainly one of the few guys out there who knows exactly what he is doing when he starts dialing an engine, whether this is a two-stroke or a four-stroke. Since last year we knew that Yamaha and R&D had some sort of cooperation in order to push the new FZR to a whole new level in terms of performance and turn it into a lean mean racing weapon. There is no doubt about the fact, that R&D Yamaha Team won all motos in Pro Stock class and beat the opposition in several motos in Pro Open too. Part of this great performance of these crafts is due to the new ECU management that they are equipped with. R&D worked closely with MoTeC in order to develop the required mapping that controls precisely the fuel injectors and monitors all adequate parameters in order to provide each cylinder with the required amount of fuel. After the World Finals were over we visited R&Ds Bill Chapin to find out the secrets behind the ultimate performance of these FZRs. Chapin not only opened all his cards, but also gave us every single detail of his masterpiece.


Chapin assure me that if you want to get the maximum out of the Yamaha engine you have to replace stock pistons with forged ones (8,6:1) in order to increase reliability. These R&D pistons are made by JE according to R&Ds specifications. Additionally, Chapin makes some more work to the cylinder block in order to achieve the required clearance. Basically the block is blueprinted to a slightly looser clearance in the Limited spec as the power is increased with the added boost pressure. Actually, the blocks are two stage honed and also they get a plateu finish honed to smooth out the surface. The blocks of the Pro Stock engine are also slightly honed and additionally are plateu honed on top. Also the Limited race craft was equipped with R&Ds brand new intercooler (not the R4 or R5 intercooler kit) which was specifically designed to comply with the IJSBA 25% larger rule. All these details play significant role to the overall performance and also increase reliability. 



R&D Yamaha FZR Pro Stock

Part description Code number

R&D FZ/FZR Aquavein intake grate - Part # 112-18001

R&D FZ/FZR Pro series ride plate - Part # 122-18001***

R&D FZ/FZR Grate/Shoe seal kit - Part # 162-00007

R&D FZ/FZR Power plenum filter kit - Part # 200-01801

R&D FZ/FZR 12/19 Pro pitch impeller - Part # 132- 01219

R&D FZ/FZR Pro Series sponson kit - Part # 122-01801

MoTeC Ignition System - Part # 802-01800

R&D Ignition Race Spec. Programming/Tuning- Part # 802-01801

R&D Engine/Intercooler cooling kit - Part # 660-18001

R&D Power Core intake manifold sleeve - Part # 612-17998

R&D Fuel Pressure regulator kit - Part # 802-00080

R&D In-Tank Fuel pressure block - Part # 812-35257

***The particular craft was equipped with a modified stock plate.


R&D Yamaha FZR Pro Limited

Part description Code number
R&D C3 Monster Charger kit - PT# 612-25003                                                                              

R&D H.P. R5 Intercooler kit - PT# 612-18003  

H.P. Surge valve (installed) - PT# 612-18004  

MoTeC Ignition System (R&D programmed) - PT#  802-01800 

R&D Ignition race Spec. programming - PT# 802-01802  

R&D Pro Series Prop 13/22 or 13/23 - PT# 132-11323  

R&D Aquavein intake rate - PT# 112-18001  

R&D Pump Shoe seal kit - PT# 162-00007  

R&D Ride plate - PT# 122-18001   

R&D Sponsons - PT# 122-01801****

R&D Auto trim drop nozzle - PT# 162-18020  

R&D Quick Shift cam kit - PT# 162-18010  

R&D Anti-cavitation cone - PT# 162-18000  

R&D Multi port boost adaptor - PT# 612-92005  

R&D High Flow Exhaust kit - PT# 332-18000  

R&D Power plenum filter kit - PT# 200-01801  

R&D Engine / Intercooler cooling kit - PT# 660-18001***  

R&D Fuel Pressure reg. kit - PT# 802-00080  

R&D In-tank fuel pressure block - PT# 812-35257  

R&D O2 Sensor mount kit - PT# 332-18010  

MoTeC ECU upgraded

Skat-Trak pump 12 vein setback

Modified pump shoe

**New 25% Larger Intercooler
****The particular craft was equipped with deep blades


Performance wise

It was a Tuesdays chilly afternoon when I hit the water initially on the Pro Stock boat that raced a few days ago. The particular race craft surprised me with its linear, yet strong acceleration which was a lot stronger than the box stock FZR. There was no hesitation elsewhere but idle. When I hit the throttle right from dead start there was a slight cavitation, which most probably occurred due to the large size of the intake rather than the right impeller pitch. In general, hook up and handling was improved a lot since the craft was equipped with R&Ds intake grate, staffers and the new ride plate. Handling was not too aggressive since the sponsons blades were the standard R&D ones (blade depth from backing plate=3,8cm) therefore, the craft did not feel too heavy on my hands. It was hooking up well without being very aggressive, a fact that gave me the opportunity to play around without having the fear to highside. According to Bill Chapin the top speed of this particular craft was 75,5-76,5mph (8,5-9lbs 8.300rpm 10lbs 8500rpm) and for sure it felt fast on the afternoons choppy water. Straight line stability was not an issue for the Pro Stock FZR even when I was reached its top speed.


When I left the Pro Stock race craft and crabbed the throttle on the Limited one I was shocked, since the difference in terms of acceleration from idle to mid range was immense. I have ridden some kit-ed Ultras or Sea Doos the last couple of months but this was a whole new issue. R&Ds Limited FZR was playing with my brain out there on the water. The harder I was accelerating the lighter the craft felt. When I was reaching top speed the nose felt much too lighter and actually it was going hunting from left to right. There was not too much fuel in the tank so initially I figured that this was the reason the hull gone hunting though, Chapin assured me that this was the hulls limit that is why they (him and Chris) decided to use an aftermarket hull on Chriss Open race craft.


The point that this light nose set up was exactly what Paloma Noceeda needed during the race because she wanted t take that aggressive steering out if her shoulders to minimize fatigue. I tested this race craft straight off the race track and had no further alterations into it. According to Chapin the handling can be set up in such a way by using 2,5degree nozzle and auto trim- to make the hull cut straight and true and curve like a go kart in turns like the Ultra 260X.


You have to bear in mind that the center of gravity sits much higher (around 5cm) on the stock hull. According to Chapin the top speed of the limited craft is 78-80mph with 12lbs of boost pressure at 8400rpm (13lbs at 8600rpm) a fact I will not deny since I knew already that he underwent too much testing during all year long. Handling wise this race craft was a little bit more aggressive due to the larger sponsons blades (blade depth from backing plate=4,8cm) which provided better grip around the buoy. Additionally, these blades feature a kick off rear end that make them less aggressive and shave you from highsiding.


Hook up and top speed were enhanced by the presence of the Skat-Trak 12 vein setback pump since the stock pump utilizes 6 veins a fact that set the limit to performance. No matter how much you will increase the horsepower of the motor the pump will not be able to translate into useful thrust. Chapin had also specially modified the pump shoe in order to achieve the best performance out of the modified driveline.


Bottom line

Undoubtedly R&D did its homework and the results were satisfactory all year round. The combination of R&Ds engineering along with MacClugages riding supremacy brought the unbelievable record of winning all motos in Pro Stock class. There is no doubt that R&Ds FZR is a powerful toy ideal for the weekend warrior and the dedicated racer. On the other hand the Limited package is way ahead in terms of acceleration and top speed since the crafts limits are pushed to a new level. Though, at this level the stock hull shows its limitations and needs fine tuning prior getting back to its cutting edge characteristics. This was the main reason that R&D switched the bottom prior building its Pro Open ultimate weapon.


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Pro Stock:Engine compartment.

Pro Stock:MoTeC stock spec ECU.

Pro Stock:Upgrade cooling lines.

Pro Stock:R&D's filter installed.

Pro Stock:The brand new Intercooler.

Pro Stock: Stock pump though stock ride plate modified.

Pro Stock:R&D's sponson kit.

Pro Stock:Blade depth, 3.8cm.

Pro Stock:There is a slight cavitation...

Pro Stock:... at take off.

Pro Stock:High speed turns is not an issue for Pro Stock FZR.

Pro Stock:It comes easier out of the buoy.

Limited:Engine compartment

Limited:MoTeC limited spec ECU.

Limited:R&D's intake grate slightly modified.

Limited:Modified pump and new ride plate.

Limited:R&D's deeper blades.

Limited:Blade depth, 4.8cm.

Limited:It accelerates much better than...

Limited:...Pro Stock and gets in to plane faster.