R&D's Yamaha FZR Limited 2010 World Exclusive

R&Ds Limited FZR 2010 version
R&Ds Limited FZR is almost as powerful as a medium rated Open Yamaha that provides breathtaking acceleration and good challenge to victory on National basis Championships.


Words: Vasilis Moraitis

Test rider: Vasilis Moraitis



Last year (October 2010) I had the unique opportunity to test ride all of R&Ds FZR kits after the World Finals in Havasu. It was a great test, since I had the chance to ride one craft after the other with the help and technical support of Bill Chapin who had fine tuned each and every one of those race crafts. Therefore, apart from noticing the main differences among those performance packages, I learned the secrets behind all these tuning specifications and above all Chapin guided me through the important steps of extruding the horsepower out of the Yamahas 1800cc power plant. Additionally, I discovered how much power you actually gain when you use most of the R&Ds performance parts.


Based on the new Limited regulations of IJSBA, R&D worked extensively on Yamahas engine in order to improve the overall performance of the Limited FZR. Basically, Chapin focused on the extra modifications that the rules permitted on the cylinder head. Additionally, he worked very hard on the twin impeller project along with reprogramming the Yamaha ECU and put everything together with the scope to increase the acceleration and the top speed of the Yamaha platform while minimizing the pumps cavitations.


Whoever has already read the previous tests that were carried out last year on the R&D FZR race crafts (Pro Stock, Limited and Open) will most probably understand easier the overall better performance of this new package. Also, I had the opportunity to test ride another Pro Stock FZR the day before and Mike Follmers Off-Shore FZR (which is also prepared by R&D), therefore it was easier to optimize the overall performance of the new R&Ds Limited kit.  


Unbelievable acceleration

Already knowing the feel in terms of acceleration and top speed- of the Limited FZR as soon as I got on the saddle of the 2010s version and rode it for a couple of laps at Body Beachs track. The first thing I noticed was the impressive handling and very good hook up of the R&Ds package. The engine was warmed up enough and I made the first run to get a record of the top speed. Initially I saw 78,9mph on the LCD screen of the GPS which was a result of using the stock pump with a twin impeller and R&Ds modified pump shoe. In general the craft was pulling out a lot stronger than last years Limited version from low to top rpm and it was hooking up a lot better even on slight chop.


Then Bill Chapin replaced the stock pump with a Skat-Trak which was also equipped with a twin impeller. Therefore, I hit the water for a second time around right after Chapin and the top speed was better by almost a mile difference (79,8mph). The crucial fact was that the acceleration improved a lot even though the slight chop had already changed to a mild chop. The FZR was accelerating very well and it pulled impressively well out of the hairpins, though still I had the feeling that something was holding it off from its true performance. Everything seemed to be working fine until Glenn Dickinson asked Chapin to test a Power Shot unit since a client of his said that it was not working properly. Chapin mounted the R&D Power Shot, tested it and when he came back on shore he said to me You tell me how it feels like now.


I got on the water for a third time and as soon as I crabbed the throttle a few times I realized that the craft was transformed from a sheep to a beast. It was accelerating very strongly and was pulling so hard as if I was on the saddle of an Open FZR. Honestly I was not expecting to feel such a difference simply by plugging a Power Shot unit to it. Top speed climbed to 81,5mph and it was already noon and the water conditions were far away from choppy. It was amazing how hard this craft was pulling out of the buoy. According to Chapin and my experience, if the water conditions were ideal we would have gotten a better top speed (add another 1,5-2mph).


So what did actually happen and the overall performance was transformed so dramatically? The explanation was given by Chapin as far as the test with the limited and adding the Power Shot to add more fuel, well, we found out that VP is adding 25 percent ethanol to the MS109E fuel. So it (the engine) was running leaner than I thought as you have to use a lower standard on the AFR for a higher percentage of ethanol. I was tuning to 12.0 and needed to be richer because of the ethanol. I wasnt very happy with VP Racing Fuels that they would not disclose what the fuel had in it at the finals. If VP had informed tuners like me what was at steak, we would have tuned richer for the ethanol.



Overall, the new Limited FZR prepared by R&D proved to be much faster in terms of acceleration without sacrificing top speed. Handling wise, it remained as good as it was last year since it was very precise in rough water conditions as well as on exiting from the buoy. Last year (2009) its top speed was rated between 78-80mph, whilst this year it toped easily 81,5mph in choppy conditions. Bear in mind that last year the Open FZR was faster by 3-4mph by using an aftermarket hull.


R&Ds particular Limited package was tested by Bill Chapin in Asian Beach Games at Oman where Aero Sutan Aswar from Indonesia won the Gold medal in Runabout Class on the 30+minute race that was held in very rough conditions. Chapin was very please by the overall performance of the Limited spec FZR and Aeros riding talent. I was surprised when he actually stated after the World Finals that this kid is the future World Champion.


R&D Yamaha FZR Pro Limited 2010

Part description Code number

Titanium springs PT# 612-93001

Titanium retainers PT# 612-93007

R&D modified valves

R&D RC1 Limited Racing cam PT# 612-93009

R&D cam gears PT# 612-93008
R&D C5 Monster Charger kit - PT# 612-25005

R&D H.P. Pro series Intercooler kit - PT# 612-18004

H.P. Surge valve (installed) - PT# 612-18004  

R&D Re-flash Ignition System

R&D Ignition race Spec. programming

Skat-Trak 158mm with twin prop Skat-Trak 12/21

Stock Pump 155mm R&D Pro Series Twin Prop 13/23

R&D Aquavein intake rate - PT# 112-18001  

R&D Pump Shoe seal kit - PT# 162-00007  

R&D Ride plate - PT# 122-18001  

R&D Sponsons - PT# 122-01801

R&D Auto trim drop nozzle - PT# 162-18020  

R&D Quick Shift cam kit - PT# 162-18010  

R&D Anti-cavitation cone - PT# 162-18000  

R&D Multi port boost adaptor - PT# 612-92005  

R&D High Flow Exhaust kit - PT# 332-18000  

R&D Power plenum filter kit - PT# 200-01801  

R&D Fuel Pressure reg. kit - PT# 802-00080  

R&D In-tank fuel pressure block - PT# 812-35257  

R&D O2 Sensor mount kit - PT# 332-18010  

Skat-Trak pump 12 vein setback

Modified pump shoe - PT# 162-18004

Modified pump transom - PT#162-18004

R&D larger drive couplers - PT# 612-01801 for FZR/SHO

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Santa Fe Springs. CA. 90670





There is a lot of work done on the valve train.

The new filter is up on the front.

Great attention given to every detail.

R&D's valve springs.

Fuel pressure always needed.

Twin impeller on stock

and on Skat-Trak pump too.

The new R&D auto drop nozzle system

Bill Chapin in action.

Note the modified

Yamaha pump shoe.

The new R&D couplers.

3,5 lbs but they save the clutch.

Gauges were important for this test.

Along with Follmer.