R&D's 92+mph Open Yamaha FZR World Exclusive

R&Ds Yamaha FZR: Anti-Monster weapon

A day after the World Finals, we tested R&Ds brand new Yamaha FZR that topped 90mph and was getting ready for shipment to Dubai.


Words:Vasilis Moraitis

Test rider:Vasilis Moraitis



Last year I had the unique opportunity to test ride all three versions, of R&Ds race crafts, and all of them were Yamahas FZR. I started with the Pro Stock FZR, and then went to the Limited FZR and finally I rode the Open FZR that was raced in the Pro Runabout Open.


This year many racers and their race prepared crafts did not show up at the famous Body Beach after the World Finals. On the other hand I was lucky that I had the opportunity to test ride a Pro Stock FZR midday Monday since later on in the afternoon I jumped over to this perfectly prepared Open FZR that was a true missile, the fastest ever Runabout that I tested in Havasu or elsewhere. The whole package was prepared by two people, R&Ds engine and handling Guru Bill Chapin and the well known hull man British Lee Manvell.


Engine wise the new FZR motor featured some new tricky parts from R&D. Basically, Chapin put a new C23X Supercharger and larger fuel injectors. R&D's Bill Chapin along with Lee Manvell of Mod Shop have done some more work on the stock cylinder head. It was re-ported with RD/Modshop/Bill Chapin 5 angle ported, polished and flow bench tested. Also, he used a different tube routine to the intercooler and modified respectively the exhaust tubes. The funny thing about this test was that the engine was tuned with only 18 degrees timing and was fed with AvGas. In other words if timing will be adjusted for race fuel the overall performance will be increased.


Lee Manvells new hull looks like an Ultra on the front end heavily modified on the keel and the splash deflectors. The interesting work is featured on the pump intake which is longer and provides a clearer path to the water that enters the pump. You would say that this Ultra based hull is specifically modified to accommodate a Yamaha deck and engine. The overall result is simply outstanding and Manvells handmade job is unique.


Chapin also took care of the handling and the driveline in order to ensure that the highly performance engine will perfectly transfer the horse power to the pump and turn it in to screaming thrust. In terms of aesthetics the craft looked Spartan since the rest of the body work was under construction but that did not stop us from testing it.


The real thing

Last year I thought that R&Ds Open FZR was a real Monster but most probably I was carried away by its superb Monster paint job... This particular race craft, the White Boat as Chapin kept calling it every time we talked about it, was a true Anti-Monster racing weapon. A powerful, lean, mean racing machine that only a handful of riders in the world will be able to benefit from its absolute and aggressive handling, as well as its powerful engine that smoke out the competition.


The first thing that surprised me after riding it was the aggressive acceleration. Honestly, I have never felt before such brutal acceleration on any other four-stroke craft that I have tested in the past. From standing still on the water, the White Boat pulled out of the whole so hard with absolutely no hesitation, without cavitating, without spinning the prop, purely accelerating in a class of its own from zero mph to its top speed (92mph).


The second stunning fact of this R&D missile was the hook up of the hull and the race breaded overall handling of the boat. No matter how hard the engine was pulling out the hull felt as it was glued on rails and that is the real benefit of Manvells new design. While accelerating you feel the downward force acting right underneath the seat, pulling the hull down and keeping the pump hooked up all the time. This unique feature keeps the pump loaded at all times so that the boat does not spend time being unfed. Additionally, Chapin installed a new Skat-Trak single prop impeller and a prototype long cone that both act positively in the unique performance of the pump.


Straight line stability is not an issue for this specially prepared race craft and key role to this play the R&D sponsons that were positioned in a new place. It is the first time we see a Manvell 15F hull being equipped with those sponsons and not the 15F sponsons. Also, the R&D intake grate was heavily modified in order to scoop the desirable amount of water without cutting of top speed. Handling wise this craft was a true race boat that was interpreting your thinking into absolute, surgically accurate, pure handling, which means that this is not a rental high speed Ski. You have to be focused and very well trained to last for 10-12 laps on its race seat. That is the way it should be on any race craft and R&D has proved once again that they know what is needed to built a pure race craft.


We know already that the company has been working hard on developing some other tricky parts for the engine that would boost even more the performance on a similar craft. So if this particular race craft clocked 92+ mph top speed on AvGas we would be prepared to see it topping 100mph next year on the new spec engine and with the use of a new fuel perhaps. Need to say more?


R&Ds Yamaha FZR Open race craft


Yamaha OEM crankshaft with R&D/Carillo T1 con rods
R&D/CP 9.5:1 SPC pistons custom made for R&D          

Cylinder block 3 step plateau honing                        

Yamaha stock cylinder head re-ported with RD/Modshop/Bill Chapin 5 angle ported, polished and flow bench tested.

R&D high rev. dual chrome vanadium high performance spring kit with titanium retainers and high performance guides

RC4 R&D Racing cam                

Stock exhaust system modified by Lee Manvell since the motor was moved backwards

Exhaust manifold has been Extrude Honed

C23X Supercharger with 20-23 pounds boost pressure

R&D special shaft kit 

R&D Intercooler

R&D spec 1000cc high impendence racing fuel injectors
R&D fuel pressure regulator

Stock fuel pump           

R&D Racing custom filter kit

Modified engine mounts

Fuel: AvGas


MoTec programmable ECU with Launch LC2

NGK Laser Iridium ILFR6T11 spark plugs
Yamaha SuperJet On/Off switch

Pump and driveline

Skat-Trak 160mm, 14 vein Magnum One-offset Pumpw/25,4mm setback, with 83mm hub

Skat-Trak stainless-steel impeller, 14/23

Skat-Trak Extended-length drive shaft

R&D Billet aluminum bearing housing

R&D 2010 billet aluminum couplers

R&D drop nozzle system with auto trim

R&D 2.5 degree nozzle FZR casting modified to fit the Skat-Trak pump 
Skat-Trak pump cone

Reduction nozzle diameter: 83,5mm

Steering Nozzle diameter: 90mm

Hull and Handling components

Lee Manvel hull 3d generation with modified intake

Carbon Hull & Deck of total weight:125 lbs

Stock seat

R&D sponsons with deep blades

R&D STX-15F ride plate

R&D STX-15F intake grate modified                  

R&D billet aluminum trim tabs

Steering assembly

R&D steering system

ProTaper handlebars

Renthal grips

OEM trigger throttle lever

UMI Racing trim lever

Skat-Trak trim cable

Estimated engine output: 450 hp

Estimated torque: N.A.

Top speed: 92+mph

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R&D Racing Products USA Inc.

12983 Los Nietos Rd.

Santa Fe Springs. CA. 90670





Missile launching...

R&D's new FZR powerplant.

Estimated output:450hp

New Intercooler tubing.

The rear end

Manvell's new masterpiece

Small details made big difference.

Heavily modified R&D intake.

New design on pump intake.

R&D FZR sponsons with...

deep blades.

R&D's STX-15F ride plate.

Note the nozzle and the cone.

Heavier but better overall the new couplers.

The re-ported cylinder head under the flow bench test.