R&D's Yamaha VXR Stage 1 kit World Exclusive

R&Ds Yamaha VXR Stage 1 kit

Race proven results

Two days before the Mark Hahn 300 race, we tested R&Ds Yamaha VXR Stage 1 kit that was bolted on and fine-tuned on Aero Sutan Aswars race craft. Finally, it was a winning package.


Words:Vasilis Moraitis

Test rider:Vasilis Moraitis



Yamaha made a clever move by introducing the VXR/VXS series; since it combines the simplicity of the big bore 1800cc naturally aspirated engine with the lightweight and nibble hull of the VX series. The company has already decided to place this new craft in the same class as the FZR/FZS models. In other words Yamaha knew that this craft has a sports oriented DNA. When the Indonesian kid, 16 year old Aero Sutan Aswar decided to race at the Mark Hahn 300 race, he asked for the support and preparation of his race craft by R&D. Bill Chapin and Glenn Dickinson guided him towards the selection of the new VXR in order to focus on the win of this particular class. The confirmation came instantly and R&D started working immediately on the project. The scope of it was to develop a Stage 1 kit that will hope up the overall performance of the VXR without affecting the reliability of its engine.


Initially R&D replaced the exhaust resonator and designed a new air filter. Also, they took advantage of the air intake duct that the VXR has on the hood and designed a clever air intake supply kit in order to bring more fresh air inside the engine compartment. Bringing fresh air inside the engine compartment is very crucial since the filter sucks fresher, denser air.

Bill Chapin worked extensively on the ECU in order to provide a better ignition curve and adjust the fuel supply in such a way that enhances the overall performance without leaning the mixture too much.
Reprogrammed ECU for the VXR/VXS offers improved ignition timing map advancements that produce quicker acceleration and top speed performance. The fuel maps are tuned to offer a cleaner than stock (leaner idle), clean and green cruise areas which will keep fuel consumption either the same or better than stock in the cruising ranges, and an overall improvement to the top speed or wide open throttle ranges. The rev limiter has been raised to allow up to 8.150 rpms that will promote a more positive pump hook up in rough water conditions. The R1 ECU programs are 89 and 91octane (pump fuel) safe.  The R1 program file does not require a Powershot Fuel Tuner.


R&D VXR/VXS Stage 1 Kit
Performance Stock: 66-67 mph/7500rpm
R&D Performer Kit: 71-72 mph/7950rpm


R&D VXR/VXS Aquavein Intake Grate                                  

Part # 112 18020

R&D VXR/VXS Grate/Shoe Seal                                       

Part # 162  00009

R&D VXR/VXS Power Plenum Filter                               

Part # 200  01805

R&D VXR/VXS Power Sleeve Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit 

Part # 232  18000

R&D VXR/VXS Cold Air Inlet Kit                                           

Part # 200  01806

R&D VXR/VXS R1 Reprogrammed ECU                                

Part # 802  02801

R&D VXR/VXS Pro Series Ride Plate                                      

Part # 122  180014

R&D VXR/VXS Exhaust Resonator                     

Part # 332  18005

Retail Price $1523.14

Kit Price $1399.95


Performance wise

The overall performance of this craft has been enhanced both in the engine and handling. I would focus a lot more in the handling since it makes sense that the rider can ride the craft easier and safer. Chapin had worked extensively the last two days prior to the Mark Hahn 300 event in order to make the craft safer to ride at top speed whether you ride in calm or rough conditions. Both intake grate and ride plate was fine-tuned by spending many hours testing the craft at Body Beach. The ride plate was tuned in such ways that kept the nose down and prevent it from going hunting. Additionally, he finalised the appropriate spot for the sponsons too and finally the VXR was transformed to a stable especially at top speed- craft that could handle very well at long sweepers without skidding away. The intake grate was fine-tuned too therefore, it not only enhanced the pumps hook up but also remained in its position (some other VXRs broke their intake grate during the 300mile long race). Even under rough water conditions the hull performed well without acquiring too much input from the rider.


Top speed was increased too, for a solid of 5mph without affecting in a negative manner the fuel consumption. Aero could race for at least 8 laps, i.e. covering 80miles, before entering the pit for refuel and we are talking about a fuel consumption figure at wide open throttle conditions. The R&D Yamaha VXR Stage 1 was tested before the race, in the race and it proved not only its outstanding performance (since Aero finished ahead of many supercharged and turbocharged crafts) but also its reliability. The R&D Stage 1 kit transformed the Yamaha VXR into a great handling and fun watercraft with one of the best mile-per-gallon values on the water.


Bottom line

Undoubtedly it is one of the Value for Money accessories that you can put on your VXR if you want to enhance the handling and the engine performance. The results speak on their own and it sounds like a good deal for some one who does not want to invest a lot into this watercraft. We know already that R&D has been working on several other parameters of this engine in order to extract more, safe in use, power but still this kit is worth having it. It has proven its performance and reliability at the 2011 Mark Hahn 300 race. Do you need more reasons to be convinced? 

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VXR's 1812cc power plant.

The R1 reflashed ECU.

R&D's new air filter in place.

Note the internals of the new filter.

The aluminum exhaust tap.

Mikuni's 60mm throttle body.

Air duct support plate.

Air duct complete kit.

R&D's VXR/VXS sponsons.

R&D's fine tuned intake grate.

R&D's FZR/VXR ride plate.

Fine tune for Mark Hahn conditions.

Race proven results at Mark Hahn 300.

R&D's Glenn Dickinson congratulates Aero.