R&D's Yamaha FZR SVHO Pro Stock kit - World Exclusive

R&D Yamaha 2014 FZR Pro Stock kit
Stocker or Limited
R&D rises the level in Pro Stock competition by transforming the 68mph brand new Yamaha FZR SVHO to a real missile scoring a top speed of 84.6mph, a figure that barely the Limiteds could achieve a few years ago.
Words:Vasilis Moraitis
Test rider:Vasilis Moraitis
Photos:www.jetskiworld.gr, Glenn Dickinson (Action)
Pro Stock class gets more and more popular every year since riders and teams can build a reasonably fast race craft with a low budget. Also since speeds are kept to safer level the overall concept is far more ideal for the racers who can not afford to maintain an Open boat. Pro AM Womans Runabout class runs under Pro Stock format and not Limited as it was used in the past. On the other hand a Pro Stock package is possibly the cheapest way for the every day user to enjoy his/her craft without affecting in a negative way the reliability of the engine. Based on those ideas R&D has developed the Ultimate Pro Stock kit for the new Yamaha FZR SVHO platform which truly extrudes the maximum performance out of the 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine by simply installing Bolt On parts.

R&Ds statement
The R&D Yamaha 2014 SVHO FZR Pro Stock kit was developed to improve overall engine horsepower, handling and pump efficiency with easy to install Race Proven high performance Bolt On parts specifically targeted for Stock Class Competition. Each component part listed can be installed and used as a stand-alone product or in complete kit format to dominates the Pro Stock Class. The R&D FZR Pro Stock kit has been extensively tested in all water conditions for performance and reliability in true hard core racing conditions. For years R&D Pro Stock kits have been the Racing Kits to beat winning in world championship competition. The R&D Pro Stock kit will add a full 16-17mph to top speed performance and transform the Yamaha FZR into one of the best handling, and most competitive watercraft at the racetrack. The RD Pro Limited kit runs great top speeds on Sunoco 100 or VP MS 109 Racing Gasoline. Trust R&D over the past 29 years, no other aftermarket company has won more Pro Stock National and World Championship titles.

R&D Yamaha FZR SV SHO Pro Stock parts list:
1. R&D Aquavein Intake Grate -  Part # 112-18004             
2. R&D Pro Series Ride Plate - Part # 122-18002  
3. R&D Grate/Shoe Seal Kit - Part # 162-00015
4. R&D High Performance Cooling Kit - Part # 660-18002
5. R&D Pro Competition Filter Kit - Part # 200-01802
6. R&D Intake Ribbon Delete - Part # 612-17997
7. R&D Pro Stock 100 Reprogrammed ECU - Part # 802-00616
8. R&D Pro Stock Titanium Retainer Kit - Part # 162-00015
9. R&D Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit -- Part # 802-00080
10. R&D Q50-Pro Series Surge Valve Kit - Part # 612-18010
11. R&D PRO PITCH Pro Stock Impellor -  Part #  Call for specifications
12. R&D Pro Series Sponson Kit - Part # 122-01804
13. R&D SHO/FZ/FZR VTS Quick Shift Cam Kit - Part # 162-18010
There are many parameters that play key role to the overall performance of a race boat or a tune up set up. However, on every hop-up kit there are only a handful of parts that actually make the big difference in the actual performance of the boat and they provide all you need to gain in terms of acceleration and top speed. The rest simply add a significant amount of support in handling or help to keep this kind of performance in a steady level i.e. without loosing power or speed after a 10 minute ride.
In this case the speed up parts are the intake grate (+2mph), the ride plate (+2mph), the pump stuffers, the air filter and of course the reprogrammed ECU (up to 84.6mph depending on the prop). The first three parts provide significant gain in top speed. The reprogrammed ECU is a real bonus and it actually unlocks the real performance and potential of the Yamaha power plant.
R&Ds high performance cooling kit plays also significant role to the overall performance especially under race conditions. It substantially reduces engine temperatures and keeps them stable and under control to 160-175 degrees allowing speed runs after speed runs to be done, or run a 15 lap main event race without severe heat fade. The O.E.M. cooling kit is highly inadequate for higher boost pressure and higher rpm engine packages. Race testing on the 2014 FZR without the R&D Kit displayed a full 150-200 RPM Drop Off and 1+ mph top speed loss due to heat fade.
Another two parts also have a significant role to the overall performance of this kit and these are the R&D Rising Rate fuel Pressure Regulator and the R&D Q50 Surge Valve kit.
The R&D Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit allows the fuel pressure to be precision tuned to specific kit base settings, as well as take advantage of rising rate fuel pressure to maintain safe operating AFRs. The R&D RRFPR will be a necessary add on part for Pro Stock Class when using heavily oxygenated racing fuel, or E85 (Call R&D for specific information regarding Fuel and ECU Tuning information).
The R&D Q50 Surge Valve Kit will eliminate the massive off throttle surge that can and will cause compressor wheel, supercharger shaft, and clutch damages and failures. Any high performance race machine with a supercharger or turbo charger installed should have a surge valve kit. The R&D Surge Valve Kit is an absolute must have part to diffuse the high levels of surge on the new 2014 FZR SVHO.
Testing on Body Beach
Testing the new FZR SVHO has been a whole new experience since it is hard to believe how fast a stock Runabout can be these days if someone has the knowledge and the experience to unlock its true potential. I strongly believe that R&D is one of the very few companies out there that have the engineering know-how and outstanding experience of many decades and truly knows how to extract safely more power out of any personal watercraft power plant.
Having tested many Yamaha 1.8 liter engine kits that R&D has developed over the years I should say that this year they have gone way over beyond any expectations. The new Pro Stock kit-ed FZR pulled harder under acceleration than any other Pro Stock kit I have tested in the past. You hardly believe that this boat is almost stock and not a Limited tuned FZR. The engine responds immediately and sharply when you hit the throttle lever. It pulls hard right from the very low rpm and makes the boat accelerate like a missile. It pulls even harder at mid rpm straight up to its top rpm limit and then you realize that the top speed of this boat is phenomenal. The boat clocked steadily 84.6mph for three days in the row a fact that makes you wonder how fast the four-stroke Runabouts become since they were first released in the market.
This amazing performance mainly comes from three R&D products, the reprogrammed ECU, the redesigned Aquavein Intake Grate and the new R&D Ride Plate design. During our seven day stay at R&Ds test bench in Lake Havasu City we had the unique experience to test extensively the remapped services of the experienced guru Bill Chapin. Chapin was explaining how sophisticated the OEM ECUs are, and how much time and knowledge is required to analyze and figure out all the numbers and the parameters that are involved in them in order to modify them and unlock the true performance and potential of the engine. This is an art that requires great amount of experience, time, and remarkable patients.
We tested many different versions of those reprogrammed ECUs from R2, to Offshore and to R3 and intermediate versions of those. The R3 Pro Stock ECU truly transforms the 68 mph FZR SVHO into a real weapon ready to win titles and championships in Pro Stock Runabout class. Engine wise I have not tested yet any other Pro Stock capable to perform at such level.
The boat feels very stable even when you run it at its top speed mainly due to the R&D Aquavein Intake Grate and newly designed R&D Ride Plate. The sponsons were placed in a new location and along with the front extensions they provide great stability to the new FZR. When placed in the upper location the boat is more user friendly to the inexperienced rider. However, when they are lowered they scientifically improve low and high speed cornering capabilities and add unmatched straight-line stability. Additionally they reduce high speed chine walking. The R&D tuned Yamaha hooked up very well and it could go round the Body Beach close course very precisely without giving the rider a hard time. In other words, R&Ds kit not only makes the FZR very fast but also it enhances its overall performance in terms of handling and providing better stability under high speed conditions.
Is this the ultimate kit for the new Yamaha? It definitely unlocks the true potential of the whole package and transforms the sleepy FZR to a wild beast thats fun to ride. When it comes down to the point, its all about How much does it cost? R&D managed to keep the overall cost of this kit to a logical and realistic level therefore, its price ($3769.95) sounds too good in this case.

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R&D's BEST value for money reprogrammed ECU.

Part of the update cooling system.

R&D air filter goes right to the front.

The Q80 valve.

This is the R&D FZR 2014 prototype ride plate.

Work was done to the pump too.

R&D redesigned fornt sponsons.

Rear view of the backing plate and the sponsons.

84.6mph for a Pro Stock kit is not bad at all.

Early morning testing on Body Beach.