R&D's Sea-Doo Spark 60mph kit - World Exclusive

R&D Spark kit tested

The right way to go 60mph

The American company, R&D, shows at its best how you can transform the lazy 60hp Sea-Doo Spark to an interesting toy that outperforms the oem top speed of 42mph and reaches 60mph all day long.


Words:Vasilis Moraitis

Test rider:Vasilis Moraitis

Photos:www.jetskiworld.gr, Glenn Dickinson (Action)


The brand new released watercraft from the Canadian company, Spark, is actually an Entry Level watercraft that enables young riders and enthusiasts to get familiar with the sport in a safe way without needing to have a first try on a high output heavy Runabout. The particular craft originally is available in two editions, the 60hp one and the 90hp one. The first one is way to slow for the people that are already familiar with the sport however they need to buy a relatively affordable and low price watercraft. Reaching the top speed of 42mph is not a fascinating experience for this kind of riders therefore, the all American company R&D did its homework with the scope to provide an ultimate hope up performance kit which will increase the torque and overall performance without putting in to risk the reliability of the engine and at the same time to provide still a safe ride.


The particular performance consists of the following parts:

R&D Sea-Doo Spark kit

Aquavein Intake grate with hull inserts

Pump Shoe Seal Kit


Trim tabs

Air Filter kit

Reprogrammed ECU

Pump cone

Repitched impeller

Free Flow exhaust

Wear Ring


The actual test

We had the unique opportunity to test ride the tuned up version of 60hp Spark at the R&D’s headquarters in Lake Havasu City, AZ. The dimensions of the particular boat reminded me the old school XiR (Kawasaki) and Blaster (Yamaha). Getting it off the trailer and in to the water is enough to make you realize how lightweight the Spark is.


The engine responded immediately from very low rpm due to the reprogrammed ECU mapping and the updated drive line set up and the craft accelerated with no hesitation progressively through out the powerband. The R&D powered power plant enhances the performance and converts the lazy OEM watercraft to an interesting toy. You have power everywhere in the rev range. The torquey engine shows immediately its intensions.


Riding it in the Body Beach close course track was an absolutely fun and it felt like a well set up Blaster. The sponsons were placed to the lower position and along with the trim tabs made the hull work better under sport riding conditions. The particular sponsons were designed specifically for Spark’s hull. If you put them higher then you realize that the hull starts sliding when you push it too hard. However, you do not treat this hull as a well tuned musclecraft hull. It is forgiving, it is smooth on a buoy course and in general it builds your confidence. It is like a school for a 6 year old kid. You are having fun without reaching the “over the limit” speed level. The R&D tuned Spark reaches the top speed of 60mph which is way above the performance of the original oem craft which barely tops 42mph.


Riding the Spark without the R&D Trim Tabs makes it wheelie prone and it will increase the Game Satisfaction in a wave course. However, if you intend to use it often on close course for training you will also adjust the trim tabs to fine tune the handling of the boat. We used 1.5mm seems to keep the nose down and make its buoy to buoy performance a little more aggressive.


So how much will this R&D Spark kit cost? $2508.55. According to R&D this kit will be available soon in the market. However, the reprogrammed ECU and the air filter kit are already available. It is worth noting that when you send your ECU to R&D for reprogram service make sure that you send your impeller too in order to get for free the repitch work done which will save you 75 dollars. It is a value for money guarantied performance kit that will put a smile in your face and above all the reliability factor has not been altered.

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