2019 Mark Hahn 300 facts

The is a lot of talking regarding the outstanding win of Kole Cramer in the Stand-Up Four-Stroke class. He used a bigger fuel tank that was not US Coast Guard approved and that enabled him to make less pit stops so he actually made some more time on the water. All that is absolutely correct however the young man managed to complete 27 laps and he was listed 11th in the General Classification. That said too. So everyone who has ever raced the Mark Hahn 300 even with flat water conditions he knows that this is an amazing result since to ride on your own 270 miles especially when it is cold it is so brutal. Preston Matzdorff and Raphael Maurin were faster and no one can deny that however they were two riders for one ski and finished second in the class. A well deserved result however, doing the race solo is still brutal. Photo courtesy: Rick Powell

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