Bun Watanabe & Lee Stone join forces

Official announcement of Lee Stone “I’m super excited to announce my new partnership with BUN FREESTYLE! Moving forward my Pro Series Revolver will be powered by @bun_freestyle_japan engines. Myself and Bun Watanabe have spent more than the last decade working against each other chasing down the world championships. Finally we will be working closely as a team and believe that together we can continue to push the boundaries on performance and results for the foreseeable future. With more new LSP/BUN development products in the pipe line I can’t wait to see how far this partnership can push the level of freestyle. LSP are now officially your sole dealer for all BUN freestyle products for UK/Europe and USA. Any order enquires please email Info@leestoneproducts.com. I would like to also thank Team XScream and Pat Bogart for the incredibly successful last 6 years of working together. We remain great friends and will continue to do business together.”

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