Carbon Yamaha FX boat made by VK Composites

VK Composites, a company that is based in Thailand and shares the same factory with Rickter RRP designed and manufactures a few months ago a carbon boat (Yamaha FX) for factory (Yamaha) rider Jun Ikoma. The aftermarket hull includes aftermarket seat unit (seat cover is not included), bulkhead stringers with adjustable engine position forward up to 5 inches, brass inserts for sponsons and ride plate, detachable second engine cover with waterproof seal, predrilled holes for steering and gas cap and half shaft alignment and gas tank cradle. Additionally, the boat includes front hatch (hood) and side covers plus a front air scoop (breather). Top deck designed was slightly modified and the shape for the knee position was altered to the feet can be closer and at a lower position to match rider feet angle position with EVA. The top deck weighs 22kg and the hull 53kg. When the boat was weighed with installed stringers, bulkhead and gas tank cradle the total weight was 78-80kg. The total weight of Jun Ikoma’s carbon Yamaha FX with gas comes to 286kg which is a very interesting approach. The illustrated carbon boat as a finished product comes with a Rickter finishing surface of carbon visual and costs $14.800,00 and can be order at VK Composites or even through Hot Products USA. Photo courtesy: VK Composites

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