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>Free rider Joe Kenney got injured

While out with friends on Sunday night, January 15th an unidentified man assaulted Joe without provocation at a local establishment. The surprise attack from behind resulted in Joe being knocked unconscious, causing him to fall to the ground and striking his head. He was taken to a local hospital where he is listed in serious, but stable condition. Joe has several severe head injuries and is unable to communicate as of yet. Doctor’s have not given a long-term prognosis, but Joe has shown some signs of improvement. Local police were not able to apprehend the assailant, but are working on leads. To aid Joe with the medical care and treatment he is currently receiving and will require in the future, we have set up an Injury Assistance Fund. Joe has done a tremendous amount to positively promote his sport for many, many years. Please help us get Joe back on his ski doing what he loves so much. Donations can be made to: Washington Mutual Bank c/o Joe Kenney Injury Assistance Fund 1235 Chorro San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 Routing#: 322271627 Account#: 3142466007

>Ultra 250X motor on a 15F hull

Many pwc enthusiasts were wondering whether it is possible to fit an Ultra 250X engine on a 15F hull. The answer came straight from the R&D Department, of KMC, the people that designed the new Ultra engine. Therefore, the new engine is much bigger than the previous one and it has a different exhaust layout, so it is actually impossible to fit it in the narrow engine compartment of the 15F hull. Though, even if it was possible to fit the Ultra engine, the 15F hull utilizes a smaller pump, so it would have been a waste of horsepower. It will be easier to buy a new craft and get the advantages of the complete package rather than spending a lot of money to modify the original 15F hull.

>Dauliach’s racing school

Two times world champion and European champion Steven Dauliach has set up his own racing school in Corsica this year. There, he has set up his race course and the students will be able to stay in a hotel that full accommodation will be provided. Training lessons include theory, fitness programs, proper food supplements, practice and various details that form the total training course. Athletes may attend the course in groups of 2-8. Practice is done by using Kawasaki SX-R Limited prepared by Tim Bushman. For more information you may contact Steven Dauliach at

>Kawasaki X-2 in France

Originally the new Kawasaki X-2 was produced in order to fulfill the expectations and the demands of the Japanese market. Therefore, KMC had produced 500 units which were shipped in Japan and whoever wanted to buy one of those had to imported from Japan. Recently, Kawasaki France has announced that will have in stock the Kawasaki X-2, though the numbers of units and the price of this model have not been mentioned yet.

>Jet skiers in the calendar of Mourioton

The Board of Municipality of Mourias recently sent to the new calendar of the village which features photos of the jet skiers exploring Lake Ladonna last July. The exploration was organized by and the Champions store ( and were achieved by four couples who rode two skis and two runabouts. The organizers as well as the riders are looking forward to visit the Lake in the future and explore it once again, possibly by bringing along other riders too.

>Hydrospace in the Dream Demo

Hydrospace participated at the annual event, Dream Demo, that was organized by Watercraft World in Florida. All manufacturers were shown with the complete line up of their models available for test ride. The Austrian based company had attended the event with the four stroke ski, S4, a stand up which originally designed for racing. The photos were shot at the event site, Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg Florida and were sent to by Thomas Breuss, sales manager of Hydrospace.

>Award ceremony of athletes in Athens

A number of Greek athletes and pwc enthusiasts explored Lake Ladona last July, covering 16km from its dam to the River Ladona. The Municipal Board of village Mouria is willing to award the pwc riders for their effort and large expose of the area, in a ceremony that will take place in Athens at the end of January, since the particular event was published in the web site as well to several magazines. Top pwc rider, 3rd at the World Finals, Vasilis Moraitis and multi National champion Akis Malouchos are planning to organize other events and adventures in order to boost the pwc sport and enhance tourism in the area.

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