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>HSR-Benelli: Moments of flying

The Austrian personal water craft manufacturer has recently announced its cooperation with the Italian firm Benelli Motori (Pesaro/Italy). Hydrospace was the first personal water craft manufacturer who built a four stroke ski with pure race use orientation. Now, the Austrian personnel are working hard in order to produce a series of Runabout crafts which will be equipped with four stroke engines supplied by Benelli. According to a source from the Factory there will be three different engine packages available ranging from 160-300hp.

>Lightweight hood for Ultra 250X

The JFC Team has recently designed a new lightweight hood for the Kawasaki Ultra 250X in its effort to reduce the craft’s overall weight. The new hood consists of one piece and weighs 10kg less than the OEM which is assembled by four pieces. The team mechanic Jeremy holds one of the prototype hoods. Team manager Pascal Barriac believes that it is possible to remove a total of 25kg from the overall weight of the Ultra, a fact that will increase its overall performance. In order to get one,you just contact Barriac at

>Ultra 250: Steady at 70mph

We visited the headquarters of the JFC Team of Pascal Barriac in order to test ride the new Ultra 250X in Montereau in the South of Paris. The newly designed hull enables you to ride it like a motorcycle, a fact that minimizes in a great percentage its original weight, helping you to ride it without put in too much effort. It is very stable when you are at maximum speed traveling in a straight line, even when the GPS showed 70mph constantly. Additionally it performed remarkably in sweepers with three quarters of the throttle, without having the tendency to hydro slide the rear end. You can lean it over and turn sharply around the buoy as if you are riding a racing 250 road bike. The stoke sponsons and ride plates seem to perform a lot better than on any other muscle craft. The adjustable handlebar enhances the ergonomics and the spray deflector works perfectly. The particular craft we tested was a preproduction unit and used an aftermarket hood which was lighter than stock. Overall the new Ultra is a superb muscle craft with great bottom end acceleration and strong mid power, ideal for the weekend warriors and Off-shore enthusiasts.

>X-2: A unique race craft

Specially tuned from the JFC Team of Pascal Barriac the new X-2 gets you all excited with its race breed performance. Its lightweight feeling and great handling enables you to get it into maximum lean when you go round the buoy. The power band is flawless, crispy enough to get you out of the turn but not too abrupt in order to bring arm pump to your hands. Straight-line stability is not an issue for the X-2 even at its maximum speed of 53-54mph. The Neken bars are quite wide enabling the rider to lean it on the curve with great feeling and good response. Body shifting plays a key role to the handling and to the way that the pump hooks up. You can change direction from one side to the other instantly, the R&D plate and intake grate enhance this performance in great respect. The newly X-2 Cup that is organized by Pascal Barriac in France along with Kawasaki France is bound to be a very exciting race series.

>MaccRacing Ultra LX Turbo

The workshop of the well known American pwc racer Chris MacClugage, has worked hard during the winter season in order to produce a turbo system for the new Kawasaki Ultra 250 LX. Additionally, MacClugage has cooperated with R&D’s Bill Chapin in order to design and fabricate new sponsons, ride plate and intake grate for the particular craft for Off-shore use. For the time being, MaccRacing has currently available a new billet aluminum steering system for the Ultra that costs approximately $680. MacClugage and his team are already on their way to Guadalupe for their first Off-shore race. Under Gellery you will see MacClugage’s race craft.

>Group K restoring

The American firm Group K is a well known company in the pwc scene and its famous for the hop up kits as well as the restorations done to pwc engines. Additionally, it designs and fabricates special parts in order to achieve better engine operation especially to older engine models. The pictures X-2, is a unique example of Group K. It is equipped with a West Coast expansion chamber, a flame arrester adaptor and an aftermarket filter. The restoration and the quality of the craftsmanship are beyond any comment.

>Kawasaki: 2007 Price list

Recently, Greek importers of Kawasaki Jet Ski, Teomoto S.A. readjusted the price list for the year 2007 of the Jet Ski models. Teomoto will import the new models (Ultra 250x, STX-15F, SXT-12F and the 800 SX-R) and also it will sell some units of the 1100 STX DI and the Ultra 150. According to Teomoto S.A. the price of the brand new Ultra 250X will reach the 17.250euros and the prices for the rest of the models appear as follows: STX-15F (14.800), SXT-12F9(12.950), 800 SX-R(8.900), 1100 STX DI(11.700) and the Ultra 150(11.500).

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