Champion’s ski FOR SALE

Quinten Bossche, 2018 Blowsion IJSBA world champion in Pro Ski Modified sells his Kommander GP1 Turbo. The ski features the following: Very fast 70mph! And great handling in both rough and flat water. Same setup used for 2018 world finals! Blowsion custom handlepole with matt black bases. All alloy parts have been anodised in orange. Ski has 10h on it. Many ecu maps if wanted for race and pump gas also antilag files. Yamaha 1050 TR-1 engine with Kommander turbo kit. Skat-Trak magnum pump 145. Lightweight battery setup. Stainless fuel rail with dasch connectors. Bosch fuel pump and Kms fuel regulator. Stronger piston rods. Turbosmart bov (new in box never installed). Turbosmart boost pressure regulator. TurboSmart wastegate. Possible to sell with a spare engine complete with wire harness and turbo kit (4 hrs only). Ski will come with new owner stickerkit. Price? $35,600.00 The pictured ski won the European Pro Ski championship.

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