Marine Mechanic race boat

Japanese company Marine Mechanic prepares its own race boats from scratch. The hull features a Sea-Doo RXP bottom specifically reinforced inside but it retains its original oem dimensions and outer shape. The boat weighs 85kg on its FRP (costs 1,200,000 yen) specification and 75kg when made by carbon fiber (costs 1,800,000yen). The quoted prices are accompanied with the additional cost of shipping. The engine compartment is specifically designed in two version, one to accommodate the Rotax engine with a turbocharger and another in order to install a Yamaha engine with a turbocharger. Boat comes with a modified top deck with lower center of gravity and better ergonomics and an aftermarket seat unit. Sea-Doo oem intake grate, sponsons and ride plate can be used or aftermarket ones fitted in the same mounting holes. Marine Mechanic is well known for its turbocharged applications on Sea-Doo and Yamaha engines. Many famous Japanese riders and Japanese champions trust Marine Mechanics race boats. One of them is Hajime Isahai. For more information or order you may contact Youichi Konishi via Facebook. Photo courtesy: Youichi Konishi

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