SX-R Billet Adjustable Anti-Cavitation Cone (SX-R/STX-15F)

The R&D SX-R Billet Adjustable Pump Cone Kit is a simple bolt on part designed to work with the OEM Pump, and stock venturi nozzle diameter. The R&D kit works to add additional length over the OEM cone, and comes complete with tuning spacers. The extended length allows custom rpm tuning, reduced cavitation, and adds additional pump thrust performance. Precision tuning the pump cones length with the kit included cone spacers will enable you perfectly tune your pump for maximum thrust, superior holeshot, improved acceleration, and boosted top speed performance. Precision CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, anodized for corrosion resistance and o-ring sealed for leak free pump bearing protection. The R&D Cone Kit offers precise prop/rpm/nozzle tuning and higher top speeds over interchangeable nozzle rings set-ups, guaranteed.
Pt. # 161-00806 (Fits OEM Pump specifically)
Pt. # 161-00807 (Fits SOLAS Pump specifically)

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