Thailand Jet Ski Tour, Round 1

Race Report from VK Compsites: Thailand JetSki Pro Tour 2020 Round 1. Akin 639 finished 2nd place in Pro Am Lite 2 Stroke Stock. This is the 1st time race against experience pro Thai riders and Akin is very happy with result. Akin will challenge for pole position in Round 2 in 3 weeks times. Novic ski stock class, Akin 639 was not used to with more powerful ski. On Saturday 27 July, In Moto 1 and 2 were troubled during holeshot and started with 14 (last) and 9 position. Finishing position for Moto 1 & 2 were 9 and 7 respectively. No hoped for podium or trophy. On Sunday morning 8:00 am Moto 3 (Final) there was nothing to prepare or lose. Rider and ski holder made an agreement to do their best to see if we are still competitive in this class. After holeshot in Moto 3 was difficult to see rider position but rider made a better launch this time. By the time passing the grand stand. Akin was in 2nd placed and we were cheering that they made it. But he did not stop there. Akin was trying to go for 1st position. After 5 laps, Akin finished in 2nd place in Moto 3. Need to do more fine tuning. Overall in Novice ski stock class Round 1. Akin finished in 5th position. Turn out to be better than expected after Moto 1&2 results. Thank you for 7Ball Coach, Herojet Club Team, Riva Map Tunner(staff), Accel custom Wet Suit, Chuta and Hiroyuk Ogino. Sponsors: AsiaTique Thai Cuisine in Italy, Sway, ZIC motor oil and VK Composites. 2nd Round 15-16 August’20.

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