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Mission statement

Personal water crafts compose on their own a unique chapter in the history of power boats. Usually they are called Jet Skis, though this name refers to the logo of a particular manufacturer. In the past there were many attempts of building such a type of watercraft, however their official presentation to the public was made around 37 years ago when they were first released to the market by a Japanese manufacturer.
Originally, the idea was captured by an American inventor, Clayton Jacobson II, who fabricated the first stand up. Their scope is to bring fun along with the unique filling of the water , speed and air. Playing around the waves, towing a skier and touring away from the coast are some of the things anyone can enjoy on a personal water craft. Additionally, these water crafts are used by the lifeguards as well as in extreme cases like the surf tournaments in Hawaii.
The Departments of Coast Guard and the Army are also using these particular water crafts. Personal water crafts are involved in racing for the past 30 years, where the official board of racing is the International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA).
The scope of this web site is the continuous growth and the promotion of personal water crafts in Greece, bring into contact hobbyists, athletes and professionals. The continuous informing of the public by the this web site and the opposite, warranties the growth of the sport and to help the recreational rider.