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24/07/2017 05:44


The 88mm Piston kit is a perfect piston for limited or mildly modified MPE-750 engines. The piston is forged & gas ported for extra durability and better ring sealing. The 9.0-1 Compression Ratio is the same as OEM and should not require major map file changes. It is compatible with the OEM ECU, but will require high quality 98+ octane fuel. For higher horsepower engines (160+), we recommend our high performance piston kits; http://www.weberpower.com/parts-weber-piston-kits.html NOTE:This is for (1) Piston assembly only; you must order (2) to rebuild an engine. Available from Weberpower.com with part number WE-88X at the cost of $209.99. Photo courtesy: Weberpower.com

Kasza#5 has already released a carbon lightweight hood for the new Kawasaki SX-R. It weighs maximum 4kg and it costs 500euro. Shipped anywhere, worldwide. Contact Gyorgy Kasza or jetskiworld.gr

IJSBA is pleased to announce that Blowsion is the title sponsor of the 2017 World Finals. This exciting partnership is intended as aggressive commitment to ensure that traditional Ski type Personal Watercraft remains the center focus of the sport. Blowsions involvement, at this level, also heralds their expansion into new portions, of the PWC sport, bringing unparalleled style, design, and performance to competitors and enthusiasts. Blowsion has a deep legacy in World Finals. 25 years ago, a small team of artistically minded Personal Watercraft enthusiasts piggy backed on Jettrims booth at an early 1990s World Finals. An eager John Dady, and associates, displayed hulls, and helmets, painted in progressive designs that, while previously unseen, would one day become the top standard in the watercraft community. Today, Blowsions designs are the most sought after with painted watercraft, and helmets, being shipped, yearly, to nearly every nation on the planet. Blowsion remains one of the few performance shops where actual competitors field tech calls and prepare orders for shipping.

BJ Ang from Networx Jetsports in the Philippines recently bought Mike Klippensteins R&D turbocarged race boat, a ski that was prepared 100% by R&D and Mike Klippenstein used it to win many Offshore/Endurance events as well as the Triple Crown series in the USA. Here is what BJ says about the boat: All I can say now is I never enjoyed jet skiing like this before. The turbo kit is what i was looking for in my entire jet ski riding life. The FX hull is one of the best in riding comfort there along side the Kawasaki Ultra hull. The work done by Bill Chapin of R&D and Klipper on the ski is amazing and simply you will just appreciate it. The small pieces you would never think of and solving bits of details. I am very happy and with this decision I made on acquiring this Ski. I used it for a long trip to one of the coves and the way it handled the chop, the comfort, the power when it needed the most and the kick and acceleration that i was looking for all my life in one ski. This is it. I am very happy. Thats all I can say now and I appreciate this so much.

R&D offers High Performance Racing Valves that are designed to be lighter, stronger, and most importantly, outflow stock O.E.M. valves. R&D valves will flow 1.5 CFM more over stock valves with R&Ds race proven back cut seats and high flow undercut stems. Each R&D Valve is a one piece forged design from only the highest grades of Stainless and Inconel materials with a 52 HRC hardened valve stem tip for maximum strength. Valves are black nitrite coated for superior wear surface hardness and will fight against carbon buildup. When building any 4 stroke race engine, there should be three questions! How light, how strong, and how much more power! R&D Racing Valves answer those questions and more, as well as deliver a measurable power gain! R&D Valves are available in standard and 1mm oversize! At R&D, we have been there and tested that. There are only two choices of valves we recommend that work reliably in Kawasaki engines, O.E.M. Kawasaki stock valves, or the R&D Racing Valves. R&D Valves install with O.E.M. Valve locks which have proven to be the best valve locks. NOTE: R&D also offers Titanium Intake Valves. Call R&D for special orders Part # 611-93110 Stainless Intake Valve Kit STD (set of 8) Part # 611-93111 Inconel Exhaust Valve Kit STD (set of 8) Oversize Valves Part # 611-93112 Stainless Intake Valve Kit 1mm (set of 8) Part # 611-93113 Inconel Exhaust Valve Kit 1mm (set of 8)

It is the new dealership and amusement extreme park of Team Pastorello. Enthusiasts will have the opportunity to train in the MX and ATV course as well as on two buoy courses on the water. The area also incorporates Flyboard training and other water play activities. A huge dealership of Kawasaki MX and Jet Skis as well ass Polaris ATVs will fulfill the customers needs. Look about it on Facebook too. Team Pastorello informed us about it while the gave their presence in Akropolis Jet Raid in Greece.

Never been operated, brand new in an immaculate condition. Are you a jet ski collector or are you looking for one of a kind stand-up. It is FOR SALE. Then contact Jetskiworld.gr