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23/11/2017 23:14


Are you riding your Kawasaki Ultra (any Ultra) in the Ocean or in general on the sea? Then your Intercooler bounds to fail sooner or later. If you want to upgrade your oem Intercooler, Championsjetski.com has the perfect solution for you which no other than an Inox Intercooler core in order to replace the aluminum one. Better cooling and superb strength under the seas water environment. Contact Champinsjetski.com or Jetskiworld.gr for futrher details.

R&D has already developed two special tune up kits for 1500 SX-R. A turbocharged system and a four-body intake system. Available upon orders. Call R&D for further details and pricing.

When the Past admires the Future…

Blowsion Custom Built 2017 Kawasaki SXR 1500. The Blowsion Team took the all new 2017 Kawasaki SXR1500F Standup and gave it a major Tune up! We started off with a brand new SXR 1500 and tore the whole thing down and rebuilt it from the ground up. Key engine upgrades like High Compression Pistons, R&D Exhaust Collector, Modified Cam Shafts and a Re-flashed ECU turned the already powerful 1500cc engine into a Monster. For a complete list of the upgrades click on the PDF Build Sheet below. Initial price, $24,329.3 contact Blowsion for further details.

Some good friends hanging out at the Performance Alley at Blowsion IJSBA World Finals 2017.

WatCon has is stock now Prowatercraft ride plate for all JS300, 440, 550, and 550SX. They are made of HFC material, that flexes and hooks like rails in the turns. They improve handling, and stability. Contact WatCon for further information before ordering.

Unquestionably those impeller gauges are a must have tool and there are so many riders, tunewrs and individuals that they use them in order to check or to repitch or to tune their impellers. Get yours from WatCon.