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22/09/2017 22:11


According to a recent post of Gyorgy Kasza his company has produced a lightweight (made of carbon fiber) hull for the Kawasaki 1500 SX-R. His hull weighs only 40kg however he had to alter the engines position in order to balance the overall weight. The OEM SX-R hull weighs almost 100kg.

R&D/CP High Performance 10.6-1, 12.5-, 14-1, and 15-1 Forged Racing Piston Kits (15F/SXR1500). R&D Ultra Forged Racing Piston Kits have been developed for the race enthusiasts or precision engine builders who look to gain maximum horsepower from their racing engines using higher compression ratios. R&D offers high quality forged aluminum, heat treated, and CNC machined racing pistons in 10.6-1 (OEM), 12.5-1, 14-1 and super aggressive 15-1 compression ratios. Forged and CNC Machined pistons in High Performance marine applications are a must. Trust the pros at R&D with all your compression ratio, boost, and engine management needs or questions. Note: R&D is a development partner with CP Performance for all watercraft manufactures! Note: R&D/CP pistons will work in all Kawasaki 15F/SXR1500 Engines Main Features: Direct replacement piston kits for High H.P. applications. High quality forged materials replace low performance cast. Improved ring seal with Premium ring sets. Increased RPMs and horsepower by reducing weight. Compression Ratio Adjustable using R&D Racing Head Gaskets! (See Gaskets Available). R&D/CP (for OEM bore) Pt. # 431-35106 for 10.6-1 compression, OEM Replacement (4 Piston Kit) Pt. # 431-35125 for 12.5-1 compression (4 Piston Kit) Pt. # 431-35140 for 14-1 compression (4 Piston Kit) Pt. # 431-35150 for 15-1 compression (4 Piston Kit) R&D Kawasaki 1500 SX-R piston kits are already available at the retail price of $925.95.

The new R&D Kawasaki SX-R Pro Series Race Billet Sponson Kit was tested and developed specifically for the hard core Closed Course Racer who demands the ultimate level of handling and speed performance for the SX-R in aggressive racing conditions. The R&D Pro Series Sponson will carve tighter turns and work extremely well in High Speed two buoy sweeper situations, and also deliver aggressive slalom type characteristics needed for setting up and attempting that sneaky Inside Pass on a competitor. The Pro Series RACE Sponson Kit has been extensively race track tested with the Worlds Fastest Pros, to arrive at a setting that is Race Ready and eagerly waiting to Win a World Title! Team Pastorellos Jean Baptiste Botti and Raphael Mauren used the R&D Recreational/Offshore sponson design to win the recent Mark Hahn 300 offshore race! Now they will use the RACE Sponson for Aggressive Closed Course racing. Build your confidence like the Pros with the Pro Series RACE Sponson kit. The new sponsons are already available from R&D with part number Pt. # 121-81502 at the price of $449.95.

Kasza#5: 500euro only in carbon TBM Racing: $899.95 FRP Technopro: Prices are 92.000yen for the wet carbon edition and 74.000yen for FRP SE Speedmagic: approximately $1200 in USA, 78.000yen in Japan FRP Wamilton: $975 Klipper Racing: $949.00 for FRP

Klipper 212 Sxr 1500 light weight hoods are finally done testing and in production. Perfect fit and finish guaranteed available in black or white. Main features: 1.1 -1.4 mph gains, 9.8 lbs lighter then the stock back breaking hood, - Retail $949.00usd, Comes with hood seal, Lower centre of gravity, improves handling and it is 12 moto race tested and proven. Can ship world wide. Contact Mike Klippenstein on FB for additional information or to order. There are already 10 units available for world finals. Don't wait there going quick.

Smaller than 1.5 meter the all new Ninja X is going to be launched in Havasu at the World Finals. Most probably it will be in booth of Rickter since the Japanese ace Hiroyuki Ogino is cooperating with Rick Roy.

Hot Products will have special "Hot Products Limited Edition" T-Shirts available for our dealers, vendors, suppliers and sponsored racers. Jetskiworld.gr reveals exclusively this T-Shirt.