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Spanish 2021 Jet Raid, Final Day

Due to severe weather conditions all racing activities were canceled therefore, the final results and points were as pointed at the end of Day 4. Hugo Pastorello made history as he is clinched the title in the General Classification a fact that makes him the first rider who wins it in a Natural Aspirated boat....

Spanish Jet Raid, Day 4

Day 4 was more difficult for all riders since the weather conditions changed dramatically. Hugo Pastorello topped the list of the General Classification and of F3 Class whilst his father Jean-Bruno is on the top of F1 Class. Check the official Results....

Spanish Jet Raid, Day 1

A day full of surprises for most of the riders. Some of the riders experienced issues with their hulls (cracked underneath), others had mechanical issues. The first moto of Day 1 (Tuesday) was carried initially with a calm sea which progressively was building up waves but it never got really rough. Greek rider Akis Malouchos...

IJSBA 2021 World Finals Pro Class Results

IJSBA is pleased to release the results from the final day of the 2021 Jettrim WGP-1 World Finals.  Congratulations to all winners and participants. Ski Four Stroke Slalom
1 Ryder Wildeboer 38 USA
2 Wyland Reden 24 USA
3 River Varner 23 USA
4 Paul Cota 4 USA
  Bret Underhill 417 USA
  Tyler Ward 38 USA
Sport Slalom
1 Book Sermsuwan T5 Thailand
2 Nanette Sanchez 168 USA
3 Karl Hausch 3 USA
  Simon Belcher GB111 United Kingdom
  Billy Dearman 111 USA
Ski Slalom
  Place Racer... ...

IJSBA 2021 World Finals: Pro results

The 40th anniversary of the IJSBA World Finals was concluded with the Pro Classes held in last weekend. Despite the difficulties of the international flights many riders and teams managed to attend the #1 event of the Jet Ski Racing scene. Official results of the Pro Weekend have not been posted on IJSBA web site...

IJSBA 2021 World Finals: Official Results of Day 4, 8th October

IJSBA is pleased to release the results from Friday, October 8 of the 2021 Jetrim WGP-1 World Finals.  Congratulations to all participants and winners.    
Pro Am Runabout Superstock Finals
  Place Racer Name Boat Country M1 M2 M3  
  1 Mohammad Burbayea 66 Kuwait 39 60 53  
  2 Zsolt Cseke 444 Hungary 43 48 60  
  3 Marcus Jorgensen 153 Denmark 53 53 39  
  4 Rick Kantola 67 USA 36 43 48  
  5 Erminio Iantosca 4 USA 33 39 43  
  7 Akemi Ikoma 86 Japan 27 36 36  
  6 Gyorgy Kasza 5 Belgium 60 33 0  
  8 Waleed Al Sharshani 88 Qatar 22 30 0  
  9 Vanjae Ramgeet 116 Cayman Islands 30 27 30  
  10 Cory Rarick C7 Canada 48 24 0  
  11 Michael Habel 983 USA 24 0 33  
Pro Am Ski Superstock Finals
  Place Racer Name Boat Country M1 M2 M3  
  1 J.... ...

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