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>Rius world title GP1300R

Nicolas Rius after wining the World Finals did not allow anyone to have a look at his special prepared GP1300R. He used a different set up from what he had used in Europe during summer. The trickiest part is the triple exhaust pipes that are designed by his team and are fabricated by Factory Pipe. The chambers have different length; therefore, they provide different timing to the engine operation, spreading in a unique way the power band and adding simultaneously more power. Additionally, he has used side draft Spectrum carbs, Rius Racing cylinder heads and MSD ignition. His mechanic Christophe Girello has prepared the engine and hull.

>Dauliach goes four stroke

Frenchman Steven Dauliach has won World and European titles riding ski’s. Though, this year he will make his first appearance on a Runabout, he already practices on a RivaRacing Kawasaki Supercharged. He will remain on the Jet Fun Communication Team that is own by former jet ski racer Pascal Barriac. The team has not announced yet its official plans for this season, though we already know that Dauliach is a determined racer and he will raise the level of competition in the class, in Europe and at the World Finals. Best of luck Steven!

>Double fuel injectors for RXP

The French rider Cyrille Lemoine was using a factory Rotax engine on his RXP, which utilized double fuel injectors, special programmable ignition, tricky pistons and a detonation sensor. The Frenchman’s engine was one of the only five that Rotax made especially for selected riders. One of his mechanics informed me that the engine output excess reached 300bhp. Even though, mechanical problems did not let Lemoine to participate in the Pro Runabout Open at the World Finals.

>Affordable 4T from Sea Doo

Sea Doo has released a new four-stroke model, the GTI SE. It is equipped with a brand new hull, which accommodates the well-known three cylinder engine. The latest version has been detuned in such a way that it produces the required horsepower for the entry-level use. Its basic accessory is no other than the removable, dry storage bucket. The new GTI SE accelerates smoothly from low rpm, which means that it does not get the honors to accelerate out of the hole. By throwing it into sweeping turns, it showed a tendency to go on a wider line; whilst on straight line is fairly stable. Its maximum speed tops 54mph, which is fine according to the class standards. The rider and the two passengers will cruise comfortably whilst the traction mats provide medium grip. The adequate storage compartments left us with a good impression. Overall, we got pleased with the new GTI, even though what we rode was not the final product.

>Kanamori’s SX-R

The particular Kawasaki was one of the best among the ones that competed in the Pro Ski class at the World Finals, which impressed with its immaculate craftsmanship. Minoru Kanamori is the chief mechanic of the Kawasaki USA Jet Ski Team and former World Champion. His SX-R has ported cylinders, SE cylinder head, Novi carbs, V-Force reeds, Mitsubishi programmable ignition and Factory Pipe exhaust system. Kanamori has selected his own tricky cooling line routine and uses lots of aftermarket accessories from Sato Engineering (SE). The carbon ride plate of Craftman’s Movement is eye catching. A Skat-Trak pump and scoop are used whilst the drop nozzle comes from SE.

>Osawa’s World title winner SX-R

This is the best Limited SX-R that belongs to the World Champion, Seiko Osawa. After the World Finals, I rode this race craft at the Body Beach and I was really surprised with its behavior. The engine has a great, crispy response through the rpm band, providing great acceleration out of the hole and at medium rpm. Horsepower is spread in such a way that it does not wear you out. The SE ride plates along with the JSU sponsons provide superb handling. Additionally, the handling is enhanced by a good hook up of the aftermarket scoop and pump. The SE handle pole and steering assembly feels rigid and lightweight. The basic ingredients of the engine are the SE cylinder head and carbs, the Factory Pipe exhaust system, the Advent ignition, the Skat-Trak pump and the SE drop nozzle. Congratulations to the Tjusimoto Team and the World title winner Seiko Osawa.

> Solas magnum pump for SX-R

Recently Solas Company has released a new stainless steel pump, designed especially for the Kawasaki 800 SX-R. The new pump incorporates a larger hub and stronger stator veins. Therefore it produces greater pressure and thrust. Combining it with the available Solas stainless steel impellers you have better overall performance. Most of all, the price of the new pump will be less than U.S. $1.000, a fact that may possibly bring the decrease of prices of other pump manufacturers as well.

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