Enzo Lozahic: New blood

The young rider from France Enzo Lozahic made his debut in the international Offshore/Endurance racing scene with Team Pastorello and made it to the podium.

Words: Vasilis Moraitis

Last year the youngest rider who participated in Akropolis Jet Raid was Hugo Pastorello along with Raphael Maurin. This year (2020) Team Pastorello Competition brought another young rider, Frenchman Enzo Lozahic who managed to finish in third overall in F3 Class in this demanding Offshore/Endurance race (five days of racing). Actually the 10th edition of Akropolis Jet Raid was his first ever attempt in international Ofhsore/Endurance racing scene.

Enzo looked very quite and skeptical from day 1 however, his approach in this different and difficult racing terrain was very precise and he was following team orders methodically. There were times he looked tired due to the rough water conditions but he never give up. He did his best and he managed to get his first ever podium to the F3 Class. Also, he was the only rider racing the new Kawasaki STX 160 which was a different challenge on its own.

Jetskiworld.gr welcomes young Frenchman to the Offshore/Endurance scene by giving him his first ever international interview.

Jetskiworld.gr: Where do you live in France?
Enzo Lozahic: I live in Toulouse just 10 minutes away from the Team Pastorello Competition.

Jetskiworld.gr: How many years are you involved in to jet ski racing?
Enzo Lozahic: I am involved in to jet ski racing since I was little boy because my father also used to race in the past, so approximately it is 10 years ago.

Jetskiworld.gr: How often do you go for practice?
Enzo Lozahic: I trained a lot during this summer in order to improve my technique and riding style and be able to catch up with my competitors. I also train from time to time in a buoy course (Jet school Muret) because I want to get better in such a race course. Otherwise I mainly work on my physical condition about four times a week.

Jetskiworld.gr: When did you ride your first jet ski and what kind of jet ski it was a stand-up or a Runabout?
Enzo Lozahic: My first time on a jet was 14 years old, on a Kawasaki 800 SX-R with my father.

Jetskiworld.gr: When did you race for the first time?
Enzo Lozahic: I started the competition of jet ski this year at the French championship where I finish second in the category GP3 F2 (Natural Aspirated class). I had never raced a Runabout before that.

Jetskiworld.gr: Have you ever ridden any other jet ski except Runabout? for example stand-up or X-2?
Enzo Lozahic: I did some Kawasaki SX-R 800 but I prefer runabout, I never did x-2 but I would like to try.

Jetskiworld.gr: You were the youngest rider in Akropolis Jet Raid this year, how was this 5 days of racing for you?
Enzo Lozahic: Those 5 days of racing went very well. I really enjoyed battling with my opponents. The conditions were good on some stages (I prefer when the sea is wavy). I am already looking forward to the next edition of Akropolis Jet Raid.

Jetskiworld.gr: Which was the most difficult race out of all five?
Enzo Lozahic: The hardest race for me was orienteering stage, because I started a little late and had a big crash at the start of the moto which made me lose my mask, so I had to ride without it for the rest of the moto which is very difficult on the STX 160.

Jetskiworld.gr: Why did you decide to ride alone in your first time in this demanding offshore/endurance race?
Enzo Lozahic: I knew the machine because I had done the French championship. I knew I was able to take it to the end. Also, I trained and I prepared myself a lot in order to improve my physical condition and be able to put the luck on my side.

Jetskiworld.gr: Are you satisfied with your Kawasaki SXT 160?
Enzo Lozahic: I am very happy with this Kawasaki STX 160. It’s a very good boat. It is new, so there are still adjustments to be made on it. It is pleasant to ride and it reacts very sharp to any response. I love this boat, I am thinking of doing the French championship again with this one next year.

Jetskiworld.gr: Who would you like to thank for this race?
Enzo Lozahic: Team Pastorello Competition, thibautgphoto, Ride House, loc trancheuse, Leothis energy drink, Marine diffusion, Autosport31 and Carrosseriefolacci.

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