Hugo Pastorello: The atmo King

Young Frenchman Hugo Pastorello wrote a new chapter in the books of Jet Raid by being the first ever rider who won the Generall Classification on a Natural Aspirated boat.

Words: Vasilis Moraitis
Photos: and Team Pastorello

The success and top podium finishes came through very hard work for Hugo Pastorello, son of multi-world and multi-National (France) champion Jean-Bruno Pastorello. In the scene of Akropolis Jet Raid has won the F4 and F3 class in the past on board his Team Pastorello prepared Kawasaki Ultra LX. However, Hugo made a point in the Spanish Jet Raid when he managed to play key role in those severe and tricky weather conditions and topped the standings in the General Classification although he was riding a natural aspirated boat. He is the first ride in the history of the European Jet Raid who wins the General Classification on a NA boat and this indicates not only his hard work in training but also, his experience on getting the job done under difficult conditions. had a few words with the young Frenchman regarding his recent success.

How does it feel winning the General Classification on a Natural Aspirated boat?

I'm very happy to win the general classification on an atmospheric, I'm very happy for the team and mechanics because they have worked very hard to do a good jet ski and I was worked on my physics all the year. This title is for the mechanics for all the work did on the ski. I didn’t believe it at the podium because Manu Cherici had scored a lot of points during the two Jet Raids and I was very surprised when Bruno Casa called me for the title of world champion. My first world championship, a moment I’ll never forget.

How difficult was the Jet Raid in Spain compare to the previous one in Greece?

The Jet Raid in Spain was hard at all levels, the conditions were very difficult especially the last two days, we had several problems on the boat, we cracked the plate several times and I had engine cuts on the last two days. To compare with Greece, I think the conditions were even harder and I knew I could have the title, so I gave everything to be ahead of F1 class.

Did you race with the same set up (1700cc) in Spain?

Yes, I had the same set up with 1700cc engine, between Greece and Spain, we worked a lot on the turbine to make the boat efficient, we did a lot of tests on the sea before the Jet Raid in Spain, we also worked the speed to try to have the same speed as the Sea-Doo and the Yamaha and so make the difference when the sea is difficult.

What kind of training did you do during summer?

My work is based only on the SX-R 1500, I try to be on the water all the time, I work my physique also outside the jet ski but the goal is to be a maximum on the jet ski, the training is very hard in winter, the temperature is very low in France, but it is necessary to have a good level and to increase his level, the goal is to keep a regular level of training all the year even in the most complicated periods.

Do you plan to enter the Jet Raid next year on a Supercharged Kawasaki Jet Ski or not yet?

I don’t know for the next year, I think I stay one more year on the same boat, we thinking we can do more work on the ski, we can find more speed, I want to show that a good atmospheric can be at the same level as an F1 in big condition. We are also waiting for the arrival of the new Kawasaki.

Would you like thank your sponsors for your great win?

Yes, of course. I would not had been able to go through such a difficult race and manage to win without the support of  Kawasaki, Bud racing, Crosscall, Ninety eight (design), Ride house, Isuzu, Jet school Muret, my trainer and my family.

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