Kevin Reiterer Thailand World Cup Recap

We struggled with some technical issues most of the weekend and I did a costly mistake in Moto 2! Nevertheless, we left nothing on the line. I have at times been the fastest and not ended up on the top step, so I will take it for a change. Above all, this weekend filled me with motivation and desire to evolve! Thanks to Team Flamingo for all their support and my team for working relentless.

It was not the way we wanted to win and the situation was not an easy one on all of us. However, we are taking the positives from it. All this has bonded us closer and I am so thankful to have such an amazing team around me. It would have not been possible to go through all this without their support and love. Thank you to my sponsors for their continuous support. Time to regroup and bring on 2024. Photo courtesy: elinperssonsfoto

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