KMC launches Factory Jet Ski Racing Team

Kawasaki USA (KMC) returns to Jet Ski Racing scene with a Factory Team according to spokesman Minoru Kanamori. This is a new project for the company and Kanamori is working step by step in order to expand the Kawasaki Jet Ski department globally. Kanamori has been working on the new Hyperion ski and trying many different set ups and engine tunes. The team will be present in Thailand where Jimmy Wilson will race the 1500 SX-R. Wilson has raced in the past many different aftermarket hulls and he is a well known for his experience and determination. Lately he mentioned exclusively to that he and Kanamori have been testing many new parts and set ups and they are both satisfied with the progress of this new project. According to Wilson “The Factory Kawasaki ski is a mix of old (two-stroke) and new (four-stroke GP) in my opinion. The ski stays hooked up in turns and doesn’t slide out or hope coming out of the turns. I do like that the ski allows for more rider input  entering the turns than most of the newer GP skis on the market. I say that because this ski will role over more than most skis but it doesn’t fall over. It sis stable in the straight line but would be good in a slalom section as well. Also, these are just my opinions. This doesn’t mean others would like the ski or think the same thing but to me the ski has the potential to be competitive as long as I show up prepared and ready to race.”

Kawasaki (KMC) is the major sponsor of Jimmy Wilson for his participation in Thailand however he pays lots of respect to Tom Perry  from Hot Products USA who actually introduced him to Kanamori and the entire Kawasaki Team at the World Finals. His additional sponsors are Fly Racing, AOMC.MX, Worksh2odesigns and Broward Motorsports. But for this trip to Thailand Kawasaki is the main sponsor of his. Photo courtesy: Jimmy Wilson

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