Team Pastorello’s race tuned Kawasaki STX 160

The next level - World Exclusive
Test riding the all new STX 160 with Team Pastorello 1600cc power package is a whole new experience since the boat sets new standards in the Natural Aspirated class.

Words:Vasilis Moraitis

Kawasaki is well known for its great experience on using this particular hull (bottom) since its racing teams have won National and World titles by using the three cylinder two-stroke STX 1100 power, and the three-cylinder stroke (ex-Ultra) STX-R combination, plus the fact that the Japanese manufacturer made history in 2006 when it became the first ever one to win in Pro Runabout Open with the STX-15F Supercharged platform. Back then, that particular year the 1600cc set up was already on the bench. Therefore, the all new STX 160 is a result of that 19 year old equation and Team Pastorello set it up with a 1600cc in order to enhance its overall performance.

Team Pastorello developed its own 1600cc package for the Kawasaki powerplant a few years ago and team riders used it successfully for at least three years. Chief mechanic Laurent Langard revealed exclusively to the key features of this set. The engine is based on the 1500cc Kawasaki motor which is bored to 1600cc in order to accommodate the aftermarket pistons (Team Pastorello pistons/rings made in Italy). Cylinder head comes complete from the Ultra 310R including the exhaust header. Intake and exhaust ports have been reshaped to improve the overall performance. The cooling system has been improved with three inlet water lines and a bigger oil cooler has also been installed.

The drive line retains the oem STX 160 pump, reduction and steering nozzles however the later have been bored to new diameter in order to match the re-pitched impeller. An aftermarket intake grate was installed on Enzo’s STX 160 with the oem ride plate. However, this set up did not seem to improve hook up. The team plans to install an R&D Aquavein with an R&D modified ride plate in order to improve the balance of the boat and eliminate its tension to jump.

I tested Enzo’s race boat as soon as he brought it back to the beach after finishing the last moto of Akropolis Jet Raid 2020 race event. When I got on board the STX 160 I realized how short and less bulky the boat feels especially when you look up in the front. Also, it is lighter than the LX and when you pull out the throttle it accelerates sharply in a linear way and pulls harder than a usual 1500cc powerplant. When you ride on a stand-up mode you can balance the whole boat easier but you have to be aware all time without making any mistakes. You have to follow the wave propagation and “read” the water if you want to go fast but in a safe mode too. Certainly the boat still has the tendency to jump and that make it harder to ride it in full throttle and benefit from the extra power of the 1600cc motor. Pulling out the throttle from idle makes it more easier to jump and loose that proper hook up you need in order to accelerate smoothly. The good thing is that the power curve is linear and smooth so that it a bonus that corrects the behavior of the hull when you ride from peak to peak on the waves. Team Pastorello also tried a pump wedge but still the boat kept jumping without being able to set properly on the surface of the water.

The aftermarket steering system refines the riders’ ergonomics and enhances the position of the pilot when he is standing up. It enables the rider to keep his feet a little bit towards the rear and put more weight to his hands. Also, it is sharper and more precise while going round the buoy.

According to Laurent the top speed of this particular boat it was 108km/h in flat water and when they used a 1700cc engine it went up to 111km/h in Cavalier almost a month ago before the Akropolis Jet Raid.

The fact that Enzo brought the new STX 160 on the podium behind two LX boats shows its potential since he left behind some good opponents (Sea-Doo and Yamaha). Possibly a more experienced rider would have done even better but this is only an assumption. Team Pastorello will do further research and development on the STX 160, by improving the weight distribution and set up the handling components in such a way in order to transform the entry level oriented boat to a Natural Aspirated racing weapon. If you need a Kawasaki SXT 160 as good as this one you have to contact Team Pastorello or Ride House. Stay tuned for the next level kit that is coming up.

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