Tungsten divided billet CrankShaft and Carbon Rods. Our new setup will be more exciting. Billet cylinder head, carbon - zylon intake manifold, Inconel printed exhaust manifold - Ceramic pistons - New gen2 carbon compressor wheel 116mm - carbon fiber compressor cover, and ofcourse our new Carbon Composite rods for our Mitsubishi evo. 77grm weight. 10 times lower weight than steel and 6.5 times lower than aluminum. Tensile strength over 2600mpa. Designed for +15.000rpm and over 3000hp. We will test them on the dyno in few days. Like we told, we are going to abandon the CNC technology, our Gen3 pistons and rods are already in testing procedure. Gen3 pistons and rods will be an evolution in automotive and motorsport. Additive manufacturing, 3D printed Ceramics and 3D printed titanium alloy and carbon will replace Gen2 CNC materials. Leaving back generative design to Topology optimization. As we speak we built our ceramic pistons and new ceramic rods to test. We are so excited to new technologies! Hope to enjoy it like we do. Proudly built in Greece!

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