The athlete and worlds freelance journalist, Vasilis Moraitis, is the man responsible for this web site.

His experience in National and International scene accompanied with his educational backround (Mechanical Engineer) and his continuous update to the technology of personal water crafts (attending technical seminars and having information from the manufacturers), warranty the thruthness and the reliability of the news.

Apart from successful participation at the National Championship he is the only Greek rider that has gained points at the IJSBA World Finals and also made it to the podium.

Additionally, he has successfully crossed the Aegean Sea on a Runabout (2003) and on a stand up (2004), which is a unique record for the national standards.

He is the only Greek pwc rider as well as a journalist who has ridden a factory stand up in the Indoor Bercy stadium.

His cooperation with the headquarters of the factory teams as well as the pro riders warranties the uniqueness and the reliability of the news.

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