Kawasaki ABLE parts FOR SALE

Here we have a great business opportunity please take a serious look at the potential here. Before i go any further the combined retail value of the parts listed from Able is $31,716.30, since then material costs have gone up considerably. Thirty one thousand dollars. The billet cylinders in this listing have minor blems, one of them has not had the exhaust ports machined in yet. These cylinders are best used for samples for production and i am NOT selling one cylinder as a kit to be assembled and run. In the right hands there is serious potential here and this product belongs in the hands of a kawasaki enthusiast and builder. Im asking for pennies on the dollar and am open to discuss a price on the entire lot. There is over 150lbs in stainless studs alone here, just under 60 brand new billet heads still in the box, over 100 domes new, new sleeves also. Please take a serious look and consider purchasing this quality product and business opportunity. Its best to contact me on messenger or txt me at 714 931-3860. I cannot keep up with phone calls without an appointment. Parts list:56 new billet kawasaki head shells with retail marked at $280ea = $15,680, 114 new billet domes in various cc retail marked at $50 ea = $5700, 129 stainless girdle stud kits marjed at $40 ea = $5160, 40 stainless head stud kits marked at $50ea = $2000, 4 new billet sleeves = $600, 2 billet jugs =$900, 21 copper exhaust gaskets, 29 paper exhaust gaskets, 4 copper base gaskets. Contact, Matt Holeshot Hpbson on FB.

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