R&D parts available from Hot Products USA

The 2019 Hot Products catalog is in production and we have completed over 100 pages. In October R&D Racing closed and is no longer producing R&D Racing products. During the process of closing Hot Products purchased some of the R&D Racing inventory, we will be featuring these items in our 2019 Hot Products catalog, once these items are sold out they will not be reproduced.
Some of the items available are:
Kawasaki 1500 SX-R: High flow exhaust, spring tensioner, intake grate, cooling kit, big cam Idle tuning kit and more.
Kawasaki Ultra Runabouts: Supercharger belt tensioner wheel, exhaust plate, deep fuel pickups.
Yamaha Runabouts: Impeller dual washer kit, VTS cam kit, power core billet sleeve and intercooler spacer, thermostat kit.
2 Stroke Standup skis: Intake manifolds, reed spacers, timing advance plates, case stuffers, reed stuffers.
If you are looking for a specific R&D Racing item please email
Tom Perry : Tom@HotProductsUSA.com

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