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>Sea Doo 2008

BRP marks the 20th anniversary of modern Sea Doo personal watercraft with the 2008 X and Wake models. BRP raises the bar for 2008 with the dramatic new RXP-X 255 and RXT-X 255; and the first-ever personal water craft ballast system on the Sea Doo Wake model. No other manufacturer offers a production watercraft with a performance package which sets a new benchmark in power, acceleration, handling and rider ergonomics. The X models features a race style handlebar and steering system, a special high-grip grip seat, trigger throttle and a new supercharged and intercooled 255hp Rotax 4-TEC engine. The Wake model is equipped with an easy-fill and removable ballast system, also features a large non-skid surface, footrests for the rear-facing spotter and integrates a standard board rack to easily carry a board to and from the ride site. Sea Doo features in total 14 models in the range of pwc.

>The revamped SuperJet of 2008

This season Yamaha makes a big step ahead to the Ski division since the company decided to make crucial changes to the SuperJet. The newly designed SuperJet hull features molded-in sponsons positioned forward on the craft therefore increase the wetted surface area of the hull. This allows the craft to turn easier while making the SuperJet more stable for novice and intermediate level riders. Also, the handlepole is equipped with a corrosion resistant coil spring that makes the handlepole feel lighter for optimal control and reduces rider fatigue. The 2T power plant remained the same for one more year although rumors where talking about a fresh engine. The SuperJet incorporates newly designed integrated graphics according to the company’s racing standards.

>Yamaha FX SHO 2008

Yamaha released a brand new Runabout which is available in two versions the plain and the usual Cruiser. The new FX SHO is equipped with the biggest –in displacement- four stroke engine that has ever been placed on a production personal water craft. Its displacement reaches 1800cc, it is equipped with a Supercharger and it does not have a reduction gearing system to the final drive. Additionally, the fuel system is an EFI unit which utilizes a new electronic management system (Yamaha Engine Management System), is has an independent water-jacketed exhaust manifolds, a thermostatic cooling system and an electronically controlled variable ignition system. The brand new hull features the world’s first hulls and decks manufactured (with new NanoXcel) through cutting edge technology with a 25%loss in weight. The hull measures 3.370mm in length, 1.230mm in width, 376kg in weight and the tank fills up with 70liters of fuel. Yamaha has still not released the horsepower of the new WaveRunner.

>Yamaha 2008 line up

Yamaha Corp. has recently announced the WaveRunner range for 2008 that features two new models. Although rumors were talking about a brand new SuperJet and a new high performance Runabout, finally only the later came true. Finally, Yamaha presented the brand new FX SHO, which is a supercharged Runabout with an 1800 power plant that comes in the standard and Cruiser versions. The WaveRunner range features in total the FX (4 models) series, the VX (4 models), the GP1300R and the revamped SuperJet. The later was presented with a new hull. The company will not have a booth at the Capital of personal water craft racing, Lace Havasu city, Arizona.

>Macc Racing: New services and parts

Macc Racing is a company that produces special parts and builds race crafts for the demanding racer as well as, the weekend warrior. Recently has announced the new parts and services that are available. Macc Racing has available GP 16F and GP 900SX-R race crafts along with all the special parts that are included. Additionally, they provide new carbon hulls for Kawasaki STX-15F. Also, they sell hull and deck components of 3DR and their diagnostic Software for Hydrospace S4 as well as 140/160 upgrade kits. For more information just log in at

>Rius Racing graphics kit

Rius Racing has released a graphics kit for the Kawasaki SX-R. These stickers are constructed from heavy duty materials that can withstand the heat and the UV rays. Rius Racing distributes these decals in different colors and they give a total new look to the aesthetics of the ski. Have a look at

>Hood and seat for Ultra 250

Recently the team manager of the JFC Team, Pascal Barriac has announced that the aftermarket parts that his team has designed for race use for the Ultra 250X are for sale. Therefore, according to Barriac the cost of the front hood is 630euro (without tax) and the price of the seat reaches 700euro (without tax). These parts are available through him, and whoever is interested may e-mail him at

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