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> Solas magnum pump for SX-R

Recently Solas Company has released a new stainless steel pump, designed especially for the Kawasaki 800 SX-R. The new pump incorporates a larger hub and stronger stator veins. Therefore it produces greater pressure and thrust. Combining it with the available Solas stainless steel impellers you have better overall performance. Most of all, the price of the new pump will be less than U.S. $1.000, a fact that may possibly bring the decrease of prices of other pump manufacturers as well.

> New drop nozzle system from R&D

A new R&D drop nozzle system was seen in Nicky Goundreau’s SX-R which was built by Bill Chapin. Later the classic trim system was ditched off by designing a new way of changing the direction of the water using a wing. A plate was fixed underneath the tray, just behind the steering nozzle that pivots with the use of a mechanical or hydraulic lever and respectively changes the direction of the out coming water. According to Chappin the new system does not affect the handling or the behavior of the hull when the rider goes round the buoy.

> Handmade freestyle hulls

A new type of stand up hull was designed and manufactured by the team of the multi time freestyle World Champion Eric Malone. The new race craft (hull and engine) made their first appearance to the public at the World Finals, where Malone took the title in the Pro Class. We had a look at the interior of the hull and the engine. The later comes in two versions, of 800cc and 1000cc. Factory Pipe especially designed the expansion chamber according to Malone’s needs. The crankcases, the crankshaft and the pneumatic power valves came from Polaris Octane. The new race crafts cost around U.S. $25.000 for the 800cc and $35.000 for the 1000cc, whilst Eric Malone Enterprises also has Financing programs.

> Rick Roy’s adjustable handlepole

The popular freestyle World Champion, Rick Roy, has recently started his new business in Canada, designing and manufacturing products, basically for stand ups. Recently he has launched a new aluminum handlepole that adjusts along its length, according to the rider’s needs. It consists of three basic parts and is adjusted easily. Additionally, he has designed a new handle pole pivot bracket that is more rigid and can be fitted on a Yamaha or a Kawasaki. World class riders like, Pro Ski 2006 World Champion, Dustin Motzouris, European F1 2005 Champion, Steven Dauliach and Pro Freestyle Champion 2006, Eric Malone were among the first riders that used the new handle pole. It costs around U.S. $780, a fact that makes it far more expensive from the conventional (non adjustable) handle poles.

> Riding Motzouri’s SX-R

It is the World Title Winner SX-R that belongs to the rider Dustin Motzouris, which was prepared by the Jet Ski Unlimited Company. We rode the champion’s SX-R a day after the World Finals were over. The engine response is crispy at any blip of the trigger lever, though that does not mean that it has sudden, arm pulling acceleration. It accelerates in a linear manner but at the same time strongly throughout the power band. Its top speed reaches 62mph whilst its horsepower tops the 160bhp. It is very stable at the straight and it turns sharply like a scalpel. During acceleration it is not needed to use the manual trim since it does not porpoise. The most important thing is that aftermarket parts that actually anyone can buy in the market built the whole package. Its tuner, Steve Webster, gave great attention to the motor in order to produce the maximum torque, a fact that fits to Motzouri’s riding style.

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