2nd place for Anna Glennon in Pro AM Women’s Ski

Anna Glennon raced in Pro AM Women’s Ski for first time on 1500 SX-R and she managed to get in 2nd place overall. She talks exclusively to Jetskiworld.gr for her great accomplishment: “I had a great time at the 2020 world finals. This was my first time racing the SXR 1500 in Pro Women’s, and my dad and I had only just finished adding power to the motor a week beforehand. Thanks to my training with Jeff Jacobs I was able to work my way toward the front of the pack, and the excellent handling on my ski from Pro Watercraft made it easier to charge for 3 motos against some very tough competition. I’m very thankful to everyone who made this possible for me this year, and am looking forward to dialing in the program and shooting for #1 next year. I want to say a special thank you to the people who put so much effort into my program: Pro Watercraft, ADA racing, Boss Man Built, Quakysense, Riva Racing, Cometic Gasket, Jettrim, Works H20, Jet Renu, ODI grips and Macsboost.”

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