>Jet Ski Unlimited SX-R: Dustin Motzouris #1

The first thing that I noticed this year in Dustins SX-R was that the engine response was much more abrupt, more instant when I griped the throttle. The craft was accelerating faster and it was pulling out of the turn stronger. Then on top, the power was progressively becoming linear, a fact that in the race course looked as if Dustin did not have enough top speed. I do not carry out top speed runs with a radar gun therefore I am notin position to tell you more about that, since I believe that you know much better. Although, Dustin told me that he was using the same set tap in handling, I believe that this race craft was more precise and more aggressive during turns. The ride plate with the pattern whole provides good driving and hooks up without feeling the rear end sliding no matter how hard you push it around the buoy. The rear sponsons also include something to this, though I have noticed that the ride plate is the one that makes the big difference. Overall, this package is very good and JSU have proved it by having Dustin on the podium. According to Dustin Motzouris, his JSU Racing SX-R reaches a top speed of 63mph.

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