Announcement about Rickter Hull production

After a very successful career as a Pro Freestyle competitor and Freeride pioneer, it was time for Rick Roy to take his passion to the next level with innovative equipment. First was the RRP adjustable handle pole, which forever changed the functionality and look of the stand-up PWC. Many parts and innovative concepts followed. Rick decided to push it a step further and designed freeride and freestyle hulls with many innovative features, it again had a huge impact on the sport and PWC Industry.

We developed a partnership and opened a business, Rickter Composites, in Thailand; the factory was located in Thailand and produced the Rickter hulls and accessories.

The RRP Business has helped and enabled many individuals to start/grow their own companies as distributors or dealers, allowing them to make a living from the sport they love.

We want to thank all our distributors and dealers worldwide who have supported Rickter and RRP over the years. A special thank you to Hiro for the Ninja product line and all the riders and team members who have been so dedicated to our Rickter brand, and without them, we would never have had all this success that we have enjoyed.

But mainly, we want to thank you, the customers that have believed in the brand, supported it, shared their passion with us, and created what Rickter-RRP became, the leading brand in our industry.

As you can imagine, managing an overview of a factory remotely halfway around the world is not easy and comes with its own sets of challenges. Despite all the effort that we put in, we couldn’t keep it going. It is, therefore, with regret that we announce the end of the production of Rickter hulls at our Rickter Composites factory in Thailand.

We are evaluating different options for manufacturing Rickter hulls and accessories with new partners. We will keep you informed of the time and place.

The RRP (Rick Roy Products) parts division of our business is not affected by this temporary halt in hull production, and we will continue to produce the complete line of RRP products. We have plenty of RRP products in stock at RRP USA and will continue developing new products. Innovation remains the key to the RRP company and brand.

With all the technological advances and CNC Machining production, many companies worldwide have created companies specializing in copying parts. It is very important that the industry stand together and encourage those who innovate and develop products rather than encouraging those who copy them. Encouraging and supporting innovation is to ensure the sustainability of our sport.

Thank you for your support

Rick Roy Products

26 April 2023

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