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>Race clinics with Rius

Multi time champion, Nicolas Rius gives technical riding seminars for riders around the world. These Race Clinics, as they called, usually take place a day after a scheduled race of a European Round or an International event. Recently, Rius gave some seminars in Japan. Personally, I took part in one of his race clinics after that last round of the European Championship, which really improved my riding skill and thinking. Soon, Rius Racing Team will announce the Race Clinics that will be held in Europe.

>Jet Ski Indoor Race

We haven’t seen an Indoor race in Bercy for two year, Yves Van Heers, decided to organize this year an Indoor event in Belgium. Well-known riders such as Nicolas Rius and Chris MacClugage will show up at this race along with the top class European riders. The event will take place at the Gent of Belgium on the 17th of April, also during the previous two days there will be an Indoor Windsurf race at the same stadium. The particular event is sponsored by Yamaha Europe. For more information log in to

> Veterans in Europe

A new class will be consisted this year at the European Tour. The new Veterans Class will be categorized at the Limited Class with a minimum of age of 35 years. In the US Tours it is limited for 30 year and over. Though, this is a great opportunity for the riders that until last year were trying to compete in the F1 class along with the younger Pro’s.

> IJSBA Announces First Motosurf World Championship

The International Jet Sports Boating Association is proud to announce that Australia will host the first Motosurf World Championship on February 26 of this year. “This is an exciting development for Personal Watercraft Racing,” said IJSBA Managing Director, Scott Frazier. “Initially we had planned on having Northern and Southern Hemisphere Championships with a points contest to determine the Motosurf World Champion host location for 2007. “However, affiliates from other potential Motosurf locations have opted to host other premiere IJSBA sanctioned events which will be announced shortly.” Frazier explained that the plan is to have three to four premiere title events outside of the United States with the World Finals remaining in the US. “Aside from closed course racing, there are other classifications of PWC competitions that are deserving of World Championship recognition,” continued Frazier. “These would include Surf Competitions, Indoor Racing, Endurance, and FreeRide type of contests.” The IJSBA also plans to rotate some of the venues and to allow different affiliates to host the events.

> TJSBA announces the Super Cup Tournament

After the King’s Cup during 10-11 December 2006, the biggest racing event on the Eastern world and the final one of the year, there was a discussion during a visit from Mr. Scott Frazier to the executive committee of TJSBA about an effort to bring more international interest to watercraft racing in Asia. Mr Parikhet Subsahakarn, Committee Member of the Thai Jet Sports Boating Associating and Managing Director of the Asian Multi Sports and Entertainment Co, Ltd., who organizes the event and makes development plan for the jet ski in Thailand, said that after a visit to the King’s Cup tournament by Mr. Scott Frazier, the IJSBA president, there is a good sign for positive changes on the IJSBA side. We have seen IJSBA’s true intention and strong determination to strengthen the jet ski movements all around the world. The Thai - Japan Asian Watercross Supercup 2006 will be the first racing competition between the two nations in Asia. It will be included in the first round of Thai National Championship to be held from 4-5 March 2006 in Phuket, dubbed “the Pearl of the Andaman” which is one of the hottest holiday destinations. 12 best racers from Japan in association with JJSF will come to compete in this special tournament in Pro-Am Ski 800 Open, Pro-Am Sport 800 Open, and Pro-Am R/A 1200 Open.

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