Deegan Newton’s race report from 2021 Mark Hahn 300

Racing in Mark Hahn is a unique experience since it is a whole different Endurance race from any other in the world. Doing it on a stand-up, any stand-up, it a nightmare since it puts the rider in the most demanding stress. Not matter how could is your physical condition the very next next day your whole body is in a shock… Deegan Newton and his team mates won the Sportsman Two-Stroke Stand-up class on their SuperJet and Deegan Newton explains it all in this exclusive race report in

“I always look forward to this event. I come from a desert racing (dirt bike) background where the tracks are usually pretty rough and the races are a few hours long, so this is right in my element. I was pretty bummed out when I first got to the race site, seeing that the water was pretty flat again, like last year. I was hoping for some waves to make things exciting, and man did I get what I asked for. Conditions got as bad as 30mph winds and up to 4 foot waves. We raced on a Yamaha SuperJet (two-stroke) in Sportsman Two-Stroke Stand-up class. Me and my brother Jeremy and our other teammate Hunter Dunn got out to an early lead and just kept pushing out laps. Track was so rough and tiring that we ended up switching riders each lap, which ended up working for us well since all other teams only had 2 riders instead of 3.7 hours and 20 laps later, we were nearly a lap ahead of second place in class and we were able to secure the 2021 championship. I couldn’t be more pumped. The Highspeed Industries SuperJet was flawless, not a single issue, just gas and go. The team worked well and our pits were smooth and quick. Everything worked in our favor this year! I’ll be back next year, hopefully on a Kawasaki SX-R 1500 for the prestigious big standup class. We will see.”

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