Hugo Pastorello: Rising star

It is the second year in a row that youngster Hugo Pastorello climbs to the top of the podium in F3 Class proving that he is getting more experienced every year following the steps of his successful father in Offshore/Endurance racing.

Words: Vasilis Moraitis

The last two years Hugo Pastorello, son of multi National (France), European and World Champion of Offshore/Endurance racing Jean-Bruno Pastorello, proved to be consistent in his results in the jet ski racing scene. He won F4 Class in Akropolis Jet Raid in 2019 when he participated along with Raphael Maurin in F4 Class (Natural Aspirated Runabout class with two pilots) for the first time proving that the two young riders were fit and smart to battle against the more experienced riders in the particular class. Half a year later (Feb. 2020) Hugo took part in Mark Hahn 300 in Lake Havasu City in Arizona along with his father and won the race, a fact that made them the first ever duet of father and son that have won the most demanding 300mile race of the world. Recently (October 2020), Hugo took place in the 10th Akropolis Jet Raid alone in F3 Class (Natural Aspirated Runabout Class) on board his Team Pastorello Competition Kawasaki Ultra LX and won the class despite the mechanical failure he experienced in the beginning of Day 3. Therefore, within a year’s time Hugo won in three international race events showing his potential for his future involvement in to his racing career.

He has been riding jet skis for almost 6 years and apart from Runabouts he has been practicing a lot on stand-ups too. He has raced in this class in the French championship in stock class and last year he finished 6th in this class in Thailand in King’s Cup. Additionally, this year he finished twice I second overall in Pro Ski Stock in France at the race events of Cavalaire and Sainte Maxime. Although, he has been training with his dad, now he plans to train during winter with Pascal Barriac. The latter is a well-known trainer who has worked in the past with Steven Dauliach, Jean-Baptiste Botti and many other riders. According to Hugo, Barriac and Team Pastorello Competition will develop a new hull for the 1500 SX-R and Hugo will debut this new race boat next year in the French championship in F1 stand-up class.

His training will focus on making him a better and stronger rider for the stand-up class as he plans to return in King’s Cup in 2021 with one scope, to win the Ski Class. Also, he plans to compete in stock class in the French championship. Runabouts is what he likes so he will continue participating in Offshore/Endurance race events next year and in the future.

Akropolis Jet Raid was more difficult for him this year for two reason. The first one was the fact that he was riding alone in F3 Class which meant that he had less time to rest. Additionally, the weather was tougher than last year and most of the days the sea was rough. Also, another important aspect was that in Day 3 he lost first moto and the second moto a fact that made him loose crucial point and from point’s leader in F3 Class he ended up third with a 34 points difference from top. However, when his team mechanics fixed his boat he managed to win all motos in his class and top the standing in F3 class. Therefore, in two consecutive years he won the class he entered in Akropolis Jet Raid.

Behind his tremendous talent and efforts he has a great family and team that support him 100%. Hugo himself would like to thank in person his sponsors (Kawasaki, Bud Racing, Cross Call, ISUZU, Ninety-Eight and Ride House) and his team crew for their crucial support.

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