Jean-Bruno Pastorello: King of Akropolis Jet Raid

Frenchman multi world champion Jean-Bruno Pastorello owner of Team Pastorello Competition has dominated in the International Offshore/Endurance race for ten years. Since the first race event of Akropolis Jet Raid which was held in Sounio, Athens, Greece Jean-Bruno has not only toped the General Classification but he also won the F1 Class (Runabout Supercharged Class). He has participated nine years in this particular event and every single time has won both the F1 Class and the General Classification. Additionaly, he has won most motos on every race event from any other rider. His achievements and records are unique in Akropolis Jet Raid and they crown him as the best rider (r rider to beat) in this particular Offshore/Endurance race. Behind his outstanding success there is dedicated team and a great family that supports him 100%. There are no words left to explain the professionalism and the remarkable job of chief mechanic Laurent Lagarde who takes care each and every boat every day before and after every moto.

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