Racer Profile: Sebastien Girello

Living the American Dream
Young Sebastien “Sebu” Girello is born and raised in Lake Havasu City and he enjoys living in Arizona because due to the nice weather he can be involved with in motorsports all year long.

Words:Vasilis Moraitis
Photos: Ken Gallagher (provided by GoFastUS)

Sebastien is a kid full of energy and he likes sports. Any kind of sports. I have seen him playing basketball and he was enjoying the game so much. He is smart too and he knows that if he keeps doing well at school he will have a better future in life. However, when you see him riding a jet ski you will be amazed. You can easily tell that he has so much passion riding a jet ski. He is having so much fun when he is on the gas and enjoying the blue water of Lake Havasu.

Where were you born? How long do you live in Havasu?
I was born in Havasu. I’ve lived in Havasu for 11 years.

Do you visit France and which city?
I went a couple of times in France and I visited Marseille where my parents were born and raised.

At what age did you start getting involved with sports?
I was 3 years old when I started martial arts and riding dirt bikes. At the age of five I started swimming at the Lake Havasu stingrays Swimming Team. When I was 8 years old I got the chance to be selected to do the KTM Challenge in Las Vegas. Then later on, I started jet skiing.

Is swimming your No1 sport? What are your future plans with swimming?
Swimming is my No1 sport. I swim 8 hours a week. My future plans with swimming are getting more Regional and State times in order to get scholarship for my future. I like swimming but my favorite sport is jet ski racing.
Since when did you start riding a jet ski?
During the World Finals in 2013 I got the opportunity to try a custom jet ski for kids called “Force” and I loved it, then the following summer my dad bought me a red Kawasaki 300 stand up and a couple days later I tried my mom’s brand new 2015 super jet. I knew I couldn’t go back to the 300 so I knew the super jet was mine.
What are your achievements in Jet Ski racing until now?
2018 I won a couple jet jam rounds against 10-12 and 13-15. I made a lot of holeshots. Finished second place overall without doing the full championship. IJSBA Best of the West champion 10-12 junior stock-lites. I did four rounds of the series, and won 3 out of 4 and still got a first overall at the Championship. Also, I managed to win Stock Ski 10-12 class with my Kawasaki 1500 SX-R at Blowsion 2018 IJSBA World Finals.
Do you like stand-ups or Runabouts too?
I like stand-ups better because I have more experience on stand-ups than sit downs.
Which is your favorite ski?
My favorite ski is the super jet because I’ve been riding it since I started riding.

You also ride MX mini bikes. Which is the bike you enjoy most?
Yes I ride mx too. My favorite bike is my Cobra.

Do you like MX bikes more than Jet Skis?
No jet ski is my favorite sport forever.

Which are the athletes you admire more from all your sports you have been involved in to?
Michael Phelps, Marvin Musquin, Ken Roczen, and Valentino Rossi.

Do you watch MotoGP or do you prefer AMA Supercross?
I prefer AMA Supercross because I’ve been watching that sport since I was a baby. But I am aware of the Moto GP races because my dad is a big fan.

Favorite cartoon movie?
I like Minions.

Favorite cartoon character?
Tom and Jerry.

Favorite food?
I love pasta.

Favorite drink?
I will go for a Root Beer.
What your school mates say about your sports achievements?
They say it’s cool!

Do you have any sponsors helping you in your sports?
GoFastUS, R&D, Motul , Gasket Technology , Worksh2odesigns , Jettrim , Bell Helmets , BP Concepts , Quakysense, (Spy Optics 2018), Scott 2019, Hot Products, and Blowsion.

Who would you like to say a Big Thank You for his continues support?
I would like to thank my parents –Christophe and Karine- for all the sacrifice they do all year long, Bill Chapin and my sponsors listed above.

Do you enjoy living in the USA? Are you happy in Havasu or would you have preferred to be elsewhere?
Yes I love living in Havasu because I can ride jet ski and dirt bike all year long.

Which is your favorite spot/place in Havasu?
I like Body Beach. I am also super sad that the Mark Hahn will be stopping for 2020 because I would’ve been able to participate in the future. Thank you for the ITV.

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