Reiterer retuerns at highest lever

After the absence of the 2022 King's Cup Champion for the last six months due to recovery from a surgery, Reiterer returned to racing in Poland for the first round of the Triple Crown Championship last weekend. The Austrian has sustained a knee injury to his left knee, which already had an ACL replacement and most of its menisci removed 10 years prior and needed to undergo surgery again this February.

“It was great to take a break. Switch off mind and body and reset. Being at your highest level all the time takes a toll. To just spend time to focus on yourself and your body to recover fully was great and I learnt to keep this a major priority in the future.” says Reiterer after been on his ski twice in the last six months.

It was a stacked field of the best 23 pilots around the world who attended the European Championship and with it, the first round of the Triple Crown World Series. As the Lower Austrian switched on racing mode, nothing has quite changed. Winning the first two Motos of the weekend, Reiterer seemed like he has never left. With a small technical issue in the third Moto and a last place points finish, Reiterer could bring home a Vice European Title and is in the hunt for the Championship. France, Rapheal Maurin took first and Marten Manni from Estonia finished third, which is going to make it a tough battle on everyone for the next rounds.

“Grateful to be back racing. Hard to describe the feeling when you are in your zone just going for it. It definitely feels good! Thanks to all my sponsors and the group of people behind me who brought me back to full health!”


On the 7th to 9th of October the World’s best will have their second showdown in the United States of America. Till then Reiterer and his team will work hard to regain the lead and improve their equipment.

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