Special features of 2022 Yamaha WaveRunners

The most noticeable update to the 2022 FX Series is the new Connext Infotainment system that is available with a 7" color touchscreen on SVHO models and a 5" color touchscreen on HO models. Not only are these touchscreens larger, but they offer better touch sensitivity, and higher vibrancy and visibility in direct sunlight. Both systems feature GPS-ready mapping with geo-fencing. GPS map cards are sold separately and available through Yamaha WaveRunner dealers. With the optional GPS map card installed, the operator can add and follow GPS waypoints, record and follow tracks, and geofence the riding area where the watercraft can be operated. With geofencing activated, fence distance and distance from center can be set to create an audio warning telling the operator that they have ridden too far.

The touchscreen is made of glass, offering higher vibrancy and better visibility in direct sunlight. This new Connext system features complete audio connectivity through the rider's smartphone. Riders can receive incoming phone calls and view incoming text message notifications on the Connext screen. The rider can also use voice assistant to make phone calls using the voice command button and integrated microphone, conveniently positioned just below the steering column and to the left.

Also, there is a new Drive Control functionality that allows the operator to set and save different trim modes for performance or comfort, set top speed limits, and designate preferred acceleration curves.

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