The BOSSche is back

A few years ago Quinten Bassche dominated Pro Ski class at the World Finals ah holeshoted all motos and cleared the filed however a minor engine fault cost him the world title. Last year he had a painful accident that socked the jet ski racing scene. It is so impressive that almost a year after his horrific accident he came up in France in a tremendous fitness and he dominated in Pro class again.

Words:Vasilis Moraitis
Photos: QB,

Quinten Bssche, the fighter from Belgium, talks in a world exclusive interview with revealing the tremendous effort he put in order to come back to the jet ski racing scene. Through his words anyone can easily understand and the pain he had gone through however he/she can also feel the real passion he had deep inside from his heart in order to start training back from square zero in order to be able to regain his strength and the physical condition that he needed in order to fight against the best riders in the world. So how bad your accident last year and what did the doctors say before the operation?
Quinten Bossche: To be honest, it looked really bad. I had multiple fractures in my ankle, shattered tybia, fybia, the cartilage from my ankle was hanging out etc… The first week in the hospital in Lake Havasu , I went through hell multiple times specially the first night, I went into shock from the pain during the night and my fiancé at that time held up my foot all night, as it was hanging off and causing me extreme pain, I am extremely grateful for all she did then. The surgeon in Belgium didn't know what the outcome would be before surgery. He was really skeptic about it and he did not want to give me any false hope. Did you travel back to Belgium to get operated?
Quinten Bossche: I got a external fixture to be able to travel to Belgium , once I got back I went immediately into surgery with one of the best surgeon's in Europe, I am really grateful for him , he really saved my leg ... they were able to put all pieces of the puzzle back into its place. What was the verdict after the operation?
Quinten Bossche: It was rather positive, meaning they were able to put my cartilage back into place, and managed to reduce the fractures in my ankle back to zero. But still there was nobody who could predict the outcome…Would the cartilage stay... Would the fractures heal? Would my body reject the bolts and plates? There was hope from my side, meaning they could fix my ankle and this would mean it wasn’t going to be a fixed ankle. When did you start training in order to regain your physical strength?
Quinten Bossche: From the moment I got out of surgery I started trying to move my toes. I worked closely with my physio, Thomas, and I kept doing it for 6 months every day in hospital or physio therapy for 4-5hrs. I still go 2-3 times a week to make exercises and loosen up my ankle. Did you start with cycling in order to get your muscles (your legs) stronger again? Quinten Bossche: Cycling was about the first thing which I was allowed to do therefore, I started cycling before I was allowed to walk, and from the first day the doctor's said I could start standing on my leg again I immediately went mtb riding with my friend and team mate Antoine Goethals. Riding bikes is also one of my hobbies and I am a big fan of nicely built and engineered things such as carbon bikes for example, I try to ride as much as possible but this year was difficult with everything going on. When did you try to get back on a ski again? How did you feel when you started training with your ski? Did you have any issues?
Quinten Bossche: I think it was at the beginning of march I tried riding for the first time , the doctor ordered me to slowly ride around on something stable and slow , of course I did not follow this advice and went straight to the lake and rode my pro ski super stock 70mph SXR-1500…

This video was the first time I rode again, it hurt a lot but I Could not complain , if you notice my left leg I ride on my toe's since my accident as I cannot move my ankle far enough to put my foot flat in the tray, I have many video's on my you tube channel from my recovery and races , as well I was making a vlog about world finals when i had my accident and I felt like continuing the vlog even when I was in the hospital, as it really shows the reality as it is. When did you felt confident enough and sure that you can compete against the best riders in the world?

Quinten Bossche: I did not, but I went to the first race in Hungary feeling "what do I have to lose" I worked hard all winter, worked hard on the ski's, I could not do more. I guess my hard work paid off for me and the team, the Qb1racing built Gp1 Kommanders got the job done winning ski gp1, ski Gp1 women's with Emma Nellie from Sweden, Winning the veteran Gp1 class , and Antoine Goethals 2nd in ski Gp1, I have always dreamed of making our sport greater and building a brand for myself, trying to divide myself from other champions in the sport. I Just want to be remembered as "the badest mother****** around" ha ha ha… How was the feeling to climb in the top of the podium in France?

Quinten Bossche: Winning race's always feels good, everybody brings his A game and for me being out there with this whole pandemic situation and my accident it made me appreciate it even more, and I do feel I get even more respect from the jet ski community, I feel grateful everyday I can race, the promoters are doing an amazing job setting up events in these difficult times. Do you plan to go to the World Finals in Havasu?
Quinten Bossche: I tried and found a way to get there, but I had a lot of problems last year with insurance, and with the pandemic going on I could not get any insurance so I prefer to not go, the risk is too big right now , unfortunately… Who would you like to thank for all the treatment and support you had on this accident?

Quinten Bossche: Many people stood by me from the beginning, I had Gerry Wong and John Barret coming over everyday, Rick Roy came and visit me multiple times, Bill Chapin was there for me, of course Nedra Atwood nr1 fan was by my side, a lot of people came see me, Susan from Cometic gaskets lent my mom her side by side to drive around ,several people donated to my cause, Scott from Blowsion offered his rental home for my mom to stay in because me and her stayed longer

my family and friends were so supportive, my fiancé at that time did so much for me, my surgeon and physiotherapist , my sports doctor, as well as my Kommander family and all my other sponsors , believed in me from the beginning so for all of this I am really grateful Who are your sponsors this year?

Quinten Bossche: We always try and work with the same people for as long as possible, as I feel there is a special bond between myself and my sponsors which goes way beyond the "sponsor" aspect so for 2020 we are working closely together with Kommander industries, the Motzuris bro's, Steve Webster and I really work closely on developing and improving the ski's. My sponsors are: Jettrim, Blowsion, Cometic gasket, Jetpilot, Bardahl Lubricants and port of Oostende

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